Weekend Things

>> Friday, April 12, 2013

This is the scene on our back patio. It's a lot of take in, I know. Last fall's leaves. Good Will + Salvation Army donations. Waste from our small kitchen renovation. All sorts of other clutter. More than will fit in this tiny square photo.

Much more.

// Spring Cleaning //
We're all about it this weekend. I'm sure I'll recap sometime.
Here are some fantastic articles I've been reading on why Less = More.
This job is far, far overdue.

// Just Don't //
Here are 4 Questions You Should Never Ask at a Farmers Market.
You know you've heard people inquiring before. But YAY for market season!

// Cup-O-No //
Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. Other times not.
I don't drink coffee -- never have. Sensitive to caffeine, I guess.
Here are my favorite herbal teas -- what's your morning beverage of choice?

// Homesteading Links //
Check out Chrissy's amazing chicken coop -- major envy!
Drool over this beautiful raised-bed veggie garden.
And get a jump start on homemade citronella candles.

// Speaking of Gardening // 
Have you seen these super easy raised bed gardening kits?
I'm tempted to get one. Or perhaps this fancier, tiered version -- gorgeous!!!
Trying to do the analysis to see if DIY might be more expensive in this case.

 // We're Watching //
Bomb Girls via streaming on Netflix.
I'd also like to watch all my favorite Lifetime Movies again. Hahah!
And I can't wait to see The Great Gatsby.

// Fashion Finds //
Lightweight sweaters + cardigans perfect for spring chill or summer air conditioning.
Color-blocked retro lingerie + accessories. -- my favorite

// Taxed Enough Already //
I can't believe I haven't finished our taxes yet. I'm 85% done.
Talk about last-minute. Anyway: here's 5 Myths About Taxes.

// Good Reads //
Thug Kitchen -- healthy eating with some major attitude.
How to Be a Minimalist with Kids -- and BONUS: I love Zen Habits
Park Slope Wonderplanet -- mommy blog satire + after visiting the city, frighteningly believable!

// I want to Live with Ellen //
I know you've already got Portia, but c'mon, Ellen.
Can I -- pretty please -- stay in a spare room with you in your lovely home

And here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three!

Have a great weekend!

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