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>> Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's been effing hot and I hate running in the heat. Last night's 4+-miler was in 87, sunny, and super muggy. With pollen basically choking me the entire way. It's everywhere. Ick. BUT I've started my training for the Boilermaker 15K that is in about 8 weeks. (Oh, crap -- we still haven't made hotel arrangements!)

I don't have a goal for this race except to beat my last time, which -- in 2010 -- was 1:13:45, 7:55 pace. I'm thinking it won't be terribly difficult since my recent half marathon was run at that exact pace. Rather, I RAN it at that pace, stupid passive voice! 

Possible secret weapon: 

I added a spinning workout to my routine last Wednesday. A way to get my legs moving fast without impact. And with the added resistance, I know it's helped in the past shave seconds, even minutes off race times.

As much as I'm dreading it (because it's so damned hard to get back into spinning after a 2-year hiatus), I'm going to give it another go tonight. Does anyone else have the Spinning Turn + Burn DVD? I swear the instructor must have been sleeping with half the class with all those swoon-eyes.

(My mind wanders to strange places when I physically challenge myself.)


To develop this plan, I used Smart Coach via Runner's World at Jen's suggestion.I likely won't run my easy miles at certain paces (I usually come in around 8:25/mile versus 9+ -- but with the heat, who knows?) However, the harder workouts are definitely something I'm sticking to. And the good news? They aren't all that far off what I did in my last training cycle.

I like that most weeks are just 4 days of running and those that are 5 have some pretty low mileage. I'll be fitting in a spinning workout + a yoga class each week, too.

I'm not so sure about the 1:10:50 magic number that the calculator came up with for my finish time. The course is hilly and hot, hot, hot. But at least doing the speedwork to try and achieve this goal will help with my longer-term 1:40 half marathon plans for the fall.

So, that's what's going on in my training. How about you?

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