Weekend Things

>> Friday, May 17, 2013

Not to rag on this weekend since it hasn't even happened yet, but I'm super excited for NEXT weekend. I love holiday cookouts, so tomorrow we'll be tuning up our charcoal grill and getting all the supplies we need for an outdoor feast of sorts.

In the meantime . . . 

// Down for the Count //
After posting about MyFitnessPal experience, I've struggled.
I think tracking what I eat is really helpful, but I'm getting too numbers-focused.
And then I eat things like delicious Justin candy bars versus healthy snacks.

// Sniffles + Sneezes //
Here's some good advice for how to deal with allergies on the run.
Personally, I do saline nose spray + homeopathic remedy + occasionally these eye drops.
I also make sure I shower off ASAP to get all the pollen.

// Dreams //
Wow this beautiful backyard movie night looks enchanting.
Hard to top that.

// Foot Finds //
I bought leopard crocs sandals this week. Is something wrong with me?
If I don't like them, I may send instead for these Reef sandals (good deal!).
Everyone keeps suggesting Rainbow sandals. Any experiences?

// Spring to Summer Eats //
Parmesan-Garlic Grilled Corn -- might make for Memorial Day.
Strawberry + Rhubarb Crumb Pie b/c I'm in the mood to bake a pie.

// Pretty (Cool) Playhouse //
I'd love to get Ada a playhouse for the backyard.
I've been scouring Craigslist and our local mom's yard sale group for a deal.
Been totally inspired by this project + this project. Stay tuned!

// Smart Stuff //
Building a straw bale shed + did you know I dream of living in a bale house?
Grilling sandwiches using your waffle maker via Edible Perspective.

// Homesteading //
Yard to Farm via Brooklyn Based
Realistically, I may plant a large backyard perennial garden, thanks to Aynsley for the inspiration!

And I have a simple recipe to add to my discussion about Mushrooms for Runners:

Just saute some garlic and sliced mushrooms in a pan for a few minutes (until softened and fragrant) and then lower the heat and add a few cups of baby spinach. Wilt and serve warm with whatever you're eating on a given night. Goes well with eggs . . . with sandwiches . . . whatever!

And here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three:

Have a great weekend!

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