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>> Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've received a few comments and emails (with good intentions, I know) worried that there's more going on with me than just junky eating and my desire to clean it up. I want to clarify first and foremost that my "detox" is a.) Only three days long, b.) 1500 calories/day, based loosely off this eating detox, which is far from starving, and c.) Is OK b/c I'm not exercising much (no long runs, speed workouts, etc.) as I've been sick.

I realize I've written a lot about feeling "toxic" or icky or bad in the past year especially. I've had my ups and downs, but a lot of it stems from eating too much sugar and failing over and over and over again to stay the course with healthy foods. I think many of you can relate to this struggle. When things get busy, I grab easy convenience crap. When I'm hungry, my body has now trained itself to search for the quick simple carb calories versus sustaining proteins. Oh, and when Ada's not eating her lunch, I focus more on THAT than on my own meal.

I'm working on it, but I just haven't found the solution yet. I assure you, I am very happy right now with my personal life, with my job(s), with the sun + summer temperatures = generally in a good place.

I'm hoping this time's a charm. Stephen will be home for the summer at the end of this week and I will have a bit more time in my day to focus on my needs. Eating clean again (because I used to eat healthy automatically -- really! As if I can remember those days, though. They seem distant!) is a huge goal for my summer. I'll always be in love with pizza and desserts, but they simply can't be a daily thing for me. It's a slippery slope to eating candy bars as lunch, you know?

Here's yesterday's eats:


Two eggs pulsed in the food processor
with a handful of spinach and scrambled.
A piece of 7-grain sprouted toast w/ peanut butter.
Fresh berries on the side.


A half cup of Greek yogurt mixed with
a teaspoon raw honey
+ a tablespoon cocoa powder.

Didn't work out into being the chocolate fix I needed, but wasn't half bad.


I combined my snack and lunch since I got to both later in the afternoon.

A smoothie with banana, frozen strawberries,
a heaping cup spinach, cup and unsweetened almond milk,
and tablespoon peanut butter.
I think I put some cinnamon and vanilla extract in there, too.

Then I used some leftover wheat berries and half an avocado + dressed it with some sesame oil and soy sauce.


Half a pizza. But not just a crazy pizza.
It had a buckwheat crust that I'll share sometime soon.
Light on the cheeses and heavy on the sauce.
A big glass of water with lemon to wash it down.

Generally I feel the food is giving me more energy than what I have been eating. I've been very much focused on protein, which is a notorious issue for me. I am not nixing sugar, but I am certainly trying to curb it wherever possible. And not drinking beer at night is only helping with that low level of dehydration I get during the summer months.

Today has been a challenge, though. I'm on day 7 of this nasty cold and debating if I should go get the medicine the doctor prescribed just in case it turns into a sinus infection -- or wait it out another couple days. I haven't been hungry AT ALL, so I had a smoothie for breakfast. I'm thinking eggs and toast for lunch. Yeah. My meals are somewhat repetitive, but that's how it has to be on a budget.

I'm hoping to fill my plate with a blockbuster dinner featuring this week's CSA share's finest.We have a lot of good stuff to use up, and since I won't be jogging today, I'll have some time to myself in the kitchen to do something creative.

How are you guys doing? Thanks for all your support! And if you missed day one, check it out here.

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