Last Week in Running + Fitting It In

>> Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I had all these grand plans for training really hard for the upcoming Boilermaker 15K. We've been so busy with various things, from house projects to family obligations, that I've just been running where I can fit it in. Not only that, we're getting into my least favorite season for exercising outdoors.

Excuses, excuses.

M: 9.3 mile long run at 8:25/mile average pace
T: 3.5 mile shakeout run, not timed
W: Yoga for 1 hour at gym
R: Off
F: 3.1 mile jog, not timed
S: 3.1 mile progressive run (8:10, 7:50, 7:30)
S: 6 mile stroller run at 8:30/mile

TOTAL: 25 miles. But that 9.3 should have happened on the Sunday of the previous week. So, yeah. I need to get back to serious training if I want to meet my 1:40 half marathon goal for the fall.

You read that right, I didn't do much cross-training either. After a grand post about my at-home spinning routine, I skipped my cycling workout to rest. Grrr.
  • I feel good that I am actually getting out there most days and moving myself. 
  • I feel bad that it's not for longer distances or more challenging workouts. 
  • I feel good that I'm living a healthy balance and actually enjoying my workouts. 
  • I feel bad that I might be stalling my progress toward a major goal by being lazy.
Now that I'm a mom (yup -- the mom-card), things really are different with training + racing. I always knew they would be, it was just a matter of to what extent. How much time would the baby take away from my running? Or, rather, how much time would I take away from running to focus on other things?

For example, I see/know some moms training for marathons, Ironmans, etc. -- and I think, WOW. That's incredible. On the other hand, I think -- WOW. That's absolutely insane. I'd rather do other things with all that time.

Right? I'm not sure all the time. I waver. Toggle between cool-with-it and feeling like I'm just lazy.

What I do know.
  • I don't have the desire to completely fill up my weekends with running events. I'd rather focus on family time, me time, and getting things that need to be done . . . done.
  • I don't have the desire to wake up early on weekends to get in key training runs; I get up early enough during the week (5:30) to start my work while Ada's still sleeping. I don't deserve a medal, but if Ada sleeps past 7:30 on a Saturday, I'd like to as well.
  • I have a bigger social life now that "our" friends have encompassed Ada's friends, too. Instead of planning a day around working out, I'm finding myself squeaking in runs before/in-between/after birthday parties, picnics, and other play-dates. That stuff is important.
  • Sometimes being at home with a toddler all day long is great and other times, not. Some nights I'd rather use my free hour to get out + see friends. Or watch TV. Or get my hair cut.
  • And my free time is limited unlike before. As in, finite. I only get so much, so if I do feel like doing something instead of working up a sweat, that's it.
Again, I hate making the excuses. So, instead of fitting in key workouts, I'm finding I'm fitting in working out in general. Period. Mom or not, I'm sure you can relate. We all have periods of life that just push our priorities elsewhere. I'm OK with that. I just can't be surprised when I don't do well at a race. I can't mope when I'm not knocking minutes off PR-times.

What I am committed to:
  • Working out 4-5 days a week. Even if it's just Jillian's Ripped in 30 + a short jog. Which I started last night. My butt hurts. I ran two miles after the video and almost cried died.
  • Keeping my comfortable long run distance 10 miles. This way, I can easily jump to the 15K or half marathon serious training if need be.
  • Cross-training. I WILL get in my spinning workout this week.
  • Doing some type of speed-play with my running, whether it's intervals or what. I need to get my legs moving fast.
  • Signing up for a 5K. As a reality check. It might help motivate me back into hard-core training if my time isn't so great. We'll see.
Moms + other busy runners of the world (that's everyone, right?): How do you fit in your training?

Do you have a similar experience of wanting to train hard but having life just get in the way?  I know it can be done, but I think balance is always good -- and when there's a lot to balance, everything has to give a little.

Do I just lack discipline? Maybe!

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