Weekend Things

>> Friday, June 7, 2013

Can't get enough!

// Favorite Morning Meal //
All this week, maybe every week.
cook 1/2 c. oats + 1 c. almond milk + 1 tsp. vanilla + dash cinnamon
top w/ 1 tbsp pb + choc. chips + blueberries

// Fashion Finds //
Swedish clogs. I've read they're super comfortable.
Custom charms + other baubles. Obsessed.

// Drool-Worthy Sweets //
S'mores Krispie Treats by the talented Dana

// Can't-Wait-to-Make Savories //
Sweet Potato Bubble + Squeak via Verses From My Kitchen

// Tiny (Micro?) Bathrooms //
We have a 23" by 60" closet just outside our kitchen.
Bathroom potential? Maybe.
It's been done here + here + here. We're desperate.

// Don't Spoil the Surprise //
Well, nah. The cat's already out of the bag. I can't keep secrets.
Stephen's father's day gift was an outdoor dining set. Like this one.
This weekend, provided we're not totally rained out, we're GRILLING!

// DIY Projects //
Homemade makeup -- translucent powder!
A sewn bedside caddy, definitely need one two of these.
All week happiness box, great to cheer someone up!  

// Cat-Tastic! // 
OMG. These cat leggings will make your day.
Space cat tank top. Wearing glasses!
And then there's all these gems, including YOLO cat + cat in suit + more.

And here's what you may have missed recently on Writing Chapter Three:

Have a great weekend!

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