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>> Friday, June 21, 2013

I could go into the inane details about the third day on my "detox" this week. But I'll just cut it short: I ate really well for three days and still feel like crap. It has nothing to do with my diet, though. I ended up having to go on antibiotics for my cold, which morphed into a sinus/ear infection.

I have now been super sick for 9 days straight, and I'm hoping for some respite soon. (Except poor Ada is now sick, but I won't delve into that. I fear I'm nearing a mental breakdown from sleep deprivation.)

Here are some links to get us all through the weekend.

// Two Wheels //
I've found the Kanken Mini backpack with its many snaps + straps
To be the best-ever bicycle "basket" (bonus: doubles as a purse).
These visor helmets are really cute, too.

// Tasty //
Here's 17 Desserts you can make on your grill.
Wash it all down with a virgin Moscow Mule.

// More Tasty //
I don't love egg salad with mayo, if you checked out those recipes.
Try subbing Chipotle Vegenaise in for the mayo. You will LOVE IT!

// Blockbuster //
I'm hoping we're all well enough soon because
I really want to see World War Z this weekend!
Also: I've been watching Pretty Little Liars.

// We Can't Stop //
Please. Tell me. What on Earth do you think

// Did I tell you? //
I have a new gig I'm super excited about.
I now write running-related articles for Walk, Jog, Run.
Check out Training with Tots + Running on a Budget

// Q + A //
If you have a question, email us.

And here's what you may have missed recently on Writing Chapter Three:

Have a great weekend!

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