Last Week in Workouts

>> Monday, July 29, 2013

There are few things better than running barefoot on the beach.

Here's last week in workouts:

M: 4 miles
T: Rest
W: 4 miles
R: 6 miles at 8:30/mile
F: 4 miles at 8:15/mile w/ intervals
S: 5K (8:40, 8:10, 7:40) + 6 mile beach walk
S: 9 mile long run, barefoot on beach + 25 minutes Pilates

TOTAL: 30.1 miles running, lots of walking around Cape May

I'm really proud of how I stuck to my training this week despite being away from home. I think this might be the first time EVER that I got in all my miles while on vacation. And to add to it, I did other active stuff, too. That 6-mile beach walk was to get Ada to sleep the day we didn't have a place to land during her nap.

Worked like a charm! (And yes, I hate the sun. SPF shirt + wide-brimmed hat for me!)

You might notice Pilates in the mix -- a workout I've done only maybe twice in my life -- we're in Wildwood Crest this week with family, and my future sister-in-law Kate is a certified instructor. I am hoping she can whip my core into shape by the end of the week. Or at least get a start. (PS: You can take classes from her too!)

I'm taking today off to let my calves recover from all those barefoot miles in the sand yesterday. Ouch. Honestly, I didn't realize I had gone quite that far until I had to turn around. Oops. Accidental longer run. I needed to do one, so I guess it was the best way!

How'd your last week's workouts go?

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