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>> Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's only Wednesday and I can tell you already this week is a wash with regard to eating well. Or I guess I should say eating clean -- because I'm surely eating lots of delicious, "good" foods of the cheese and bread and chocolate variety. I don't know if you can relate, but whenever I have a vacation on the calendar (which, I suppose fortunately for me diet-wise, is rare, really), I promise myself to indulge some, but keep a sensible, healthy dose of foods to balance it out.

Dinner: Flatbread pizza with beer
Dessert: Chocolate ice cream
Balance Breakfast: Shredded wheat + almond milk + fresh berries

I almost always give in to all the local eats and treats. Usually down a jar of Nutella for good measure, too. I guess we're back on the conversation of Eating Like an Adult here, aren't we? I can't blame myself entirely. It seems for vegetarians, the shore isn't exactly high tide when it comes to meat-less or fish-less fare. And the couple places we've found otherwise are steep $$$.

That's just an excuse.
Maybe I should take a lesson from Ada?

Picky eater or will-power tot extraordinaire, she has yet to eat anything we've ordered out for her. So, she's on a steady stream of what are to her comfort foods -- plain tofu, chickpeas, berries, whole grain waffles, bananas, and the occasional baby food packet. Good girl! Though, I did see her sneak a cookie the other night.

OK. I don't really know why I'm writing this post. Maybe a swift kick in the butt to clean up my act. I'm not talking entirely -- because this is vacation, after all -- but definitely I'd like to even things out a bit before a single week of edible indiscretion turns into two.

Guess I could start by swapping the locally made, creamy, delicious ice cream for frozen yogurt (not a total loss). Maybe start with a salad before downing yet another pizza pie. Oh and how about cooking those veggie burgers we brought with us. Save money and another heavy pasta meal = win-win.

How do you stay somewhat sensible with vacation eats? I guess I'm not really saying there's GOOD and BAD foods I should or shouldn't be eating, it's just a crazy landslide of different.

And if you're like to see some of what we're up to on vacation, check out Writing Chapter Three.

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