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>> Saturday, August 10, 2013

This week has been rough for a silly reason. I drank so many of my calories while on vacation -- smoothies, juices, sodas, kombuchas, beers, and canned champagnes -- and it's been an adjustment to just water again. Well, and now I'm thinking of starting a small coffee habit since I want to start waking up early. Should I resist? I've never been much for caffeine. But I'm wondering if it might help kick-start my days.

Coffee-drinkers and abstainers: Please weigh in on the pros and cons!

// Watch This Now //
So, we finished the entire season of Orange is the New Black in one week.
Also been keeping up with Master Chef (Bri: Love that you're veg. PULL YOUR HAIR BACK!)
Now what?

// I'm Reading //
On deck: The Four Agreements and
This I Believe -- yup, from the NPR program
Also, Homesteading 101 on Mother Earth News

// Good Eats //
Katerina's Rustic Egg Salad

// Self-Care Startup //
I've never been into manicures, skin care routines, lotions, etc.
But I'm going to start dry brushing -- I bought this body brush last night.
I'll report back. Here's more about the idea behind it + a brief how-to.

// Can - Can //
This year, I really want to learn to can all those CSA goodies.
I love these heritage collection Ball Jars with a vintage feel.
But beyond pretty things, I need to pick up a basic canning kit.

// Want //
To influence Ada's music icons with these classic band t-shirts.
Desert Essence tea tree oil collection for my acne-prone skin.
Brooks reversible racerback tank -- it's mesh! So cool.

// Smart Stuff //
8 clever ways to organize your recycling -- way overdue in this house!
Composting 101 -- we compost, but I could certainly learn more.
A lattice-topped Blueberry + Peach Pie how-to. Def. feel like baking pie now.

And here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three:

  • Early to Rise -- the conclusion I (hesitantly) came to about waking up early + why I need to start NOW.
  • Caught In-Between -- being a work-at-home mom has its own challenges and worries. Here are some of mine.
  • (Beach) Babies Everywhere -- have you ever taken a look around and seen scrunched up newborns everywhere? Yeah.
  • Safer Blogging -- blogging, especially mommy blogging, can leave writers vulnerable. Here's some tips for how I protect myself and my family.

Have a great weekend!

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