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>> Friday, August 16, 2013

I ran the Women's Distance Festival 5K last night and PRed by 12 seconds (22:18) -- and it's the fastest I've completed the distance since 2007! Honestly, I didn't know I had it in me. I also haven't been engaged in any speedwork since May, so I'm hoping with some work I could break into 21 territory this year.

I'll post more about this race next week. Do you have a big race this weekend?

// Improve Your 5K //
A while back, I collected some great info + links on 5K training.
If you're a mom, you can even train with your stroller -- in 6 weeks!

// Smart Stuff //
Garage sale tips (we REALLY need to get on this)
SEO Basics for bloggers (been meaning to learn more, forever)
Chicken coop w/ a garden room (someday!)

// Tools of the Trade //
I'm already in fall cooking mode! Kitchen essentials:
Compost Pail (for all those CSA scraps) + Stone Baking Sheet (for all those chocolate chippers)

// Drool-Worthy //
Along those lines: Grilled Peach Salad
And for my BFF Lindsey -- Herb Parmedan Stuffed Brussels Sprouts

// Child's Play //
Check out these gigantically big books for little readers.
These adorably preppy clothes make me wish I had a boy!
New prints for sale at Baby Legs -- I want the fox ones (for myself!) 

// Regarding Caffeine //
Thanks for all of your thoughts about the "right" morning beverage.
Ultimately, I'm holding off on brew for now and
sipping this pineapple green tea instead. We'll see!

// In the News . . . //
America's Obesity Challenge via The New Yorker

// This Time, Last Year(s) //

And here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three:
  • Learning Words -- 5 ways we're fostering Ada's language development. Great reader question!
  • A Good Day -- I've found what truly brings me to my center. It was pretty easy -- what will work for you?
  • Why Mess Matters to Me -- It goes way beyond wanting things to be tidy. Mess is indicative of many other things.
Have a great weekend!

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