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>> Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm trying something new this fall. Well, it's not so much something new as it's something lots of people do and I'm just figuring how well it might work for our family. I'll write more soon, but I think I'm going to have a massive shopping trip for the MONTH and make freezer meals. Lots of 'em.

Do any of you do this? The trick for us will be making them varied enough that we don't get bored. Well, and also finding a good balance so I can still cook a few times a week. The kitchen is my happy place, after all! I'm excited to see how this method possibly saves us money, as well as critical cooking and cleaning time.

// Fresh Cut //
I've tried growing my hair "long" and I'm sick of it.
Thinking of this chop or perhaps a nice, solid bob.

// More Blueberries //
So, that farm where we picked blueberries has packed up for the season.
Still, I need to use 'em up. Making blueberry applesauce for sure.
Maybe canning, maybe not. Definitely freezing the rest.

// Dehydrateding //
It's also been a while since we pulled out our dehydrator.
I'm thinking some dried apples are in order at the very least.
But I'm most excited to try this method for drying mangoes.

// Grocery Cents //
I'm going to do a new grocery savings post soon.
One thing that has helped tremendously?
The Wegmans App on my iPhone! It calculates the price before we get to the store.

// Replacements //
While cleaning, it's come to my attention that our bath towels are in sore shape.
These glorious Turkish towels are now on my wish list.
I can't decide between the indigo + red + black -- thoughts?

// Steeped In //
Watching Paranormal Fact/Faked + Felicity on Netflix.
Also, we've been lucky enough to have a movie date each week.
I live for matinees! I almost typed manatees.

// This Time, Last Year(s) //

And here's what you may have missed this week on Writing Chapter Three:
  • Learning Words -- 5 ways we're fostering Ada's language development. Great reader question!
  • Blueberries + Life Outside -- Life in obscurity isn't as bad as you'd think. We're learning to love it.
  • Ada's Farm -- Toddler play around a theme can bring about all sorts of learning opportunities.
  • Deal Hound -- Why shopping thrift stores and yard sales is risky business. At least for me.
Have a great weekend!

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