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>> Tuesday, September 10, 2013

As I write this, Ada is having her very first uninterrupted, normal-wakeup time sleep in the past . . . several weeks. I feel extremely blessed to feel a bit caught up in my own rest and hope this trend continues, for all of us. I am pretty sure our neighbor will be mowing his lawn smack in the middle of her nap today (update: it rained all morning -- so no mowing -- hooray!), so I need to remember how I feel right now when she's inevitably stirred.

Today I wanted to write about my last week in workouts -- I haven't done it in a while. And despite being drained and pulled in a lot of different directions lately, I'd really found my groove between running around the neighborhood, utilizing our gym's childcare, and participating in races.

(Thanks for the photo, Laura!)

M: 30 minute stationary cycle + 5 mile run
T: 3 mile run
W: 1 mile run warmup + 30 minute stationary cycle, kettlebells + 4 mile run
R: Rest
F: 1/2 mile swim, 50 burpees, 3.2 mile run
S: 1 mile swim in 45 minutes
S: 10 mile "race" -- treated as solid long run at 8:10/mile (1:21:31)

= 60 minutes indoor cycling, 26.2 miles running, 1-1/2 miles swimming

*   *   *   *   *

I've been having motivation issues getting in my double digits runs lately, so I was happy to sign up for last weekend's race in our old stomping grounds, Ithaca, NY. I started the first half (a 5-mile loop) out at about 8:30 pace and then decided to run my goal half marathon pace (7:50 -- 1:42 finish versus the aggressive 1:40 I originally set out to meet) the rest of the way. I did this all based on feel, but my overall pace ended up at 8:10, so I think I met my mark.

It was actually sort of emotional for me to run through my old neighborhood -- but that's another story. Add to that the small group of 10-mile runners and I was totally alone most of the way. It was a strange experience because I can usually see at least someone ahead of me or hear someone behind me. I got a feel for what Stephen regularly experiences when he's in the front of the pack (though I was definitely in the middle!). I didn't realize it at the time, but I got 2nd for my new 30-39 age group!

Overall, I am somewhat foolishly hoping all my time on the bike and in the pool will supplement my half marathon training and replace some tempo workouts. With the steamy and hot end of summer and attempting to become a morning runner (which is on hold with recent events!), I have missed a lot of those hard effort workouts. There's really no good excuse, but at least I'm staying active most days of the week.

Oh! And here are some other things I've written related to running lately (btw, I don't get paid per click on these -- so there's no incentive for me to share them here. I'm just loving this new gig with WalkJogRun!)
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