Weekend Things (on a Tuesday)

>> Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's chilly, so I'm getting into deep dish mode. And I'll have a great recipe for pumpkin crust deep dish pizza later in the week! Might be one of my new favorites (behind to the Pumpkin Pesto Rolls, of course.)

// More Dishin' //
Our Deep Dish Veggie Tart is quite a winner, too!

// DIY Season //
DIY Cat Toe Shoes!!! Seriously amazing.
Toddler Art worth hanging.
Spooky Pasta Skeletons in time for Halloween.

// Pantry Essentials //
Here are some things I always have on hand:

// Salivate // 
Ashley's Savory Cornbread Pancakes -- yum!
Perfect Juice for fall (can I make it with my Ninja + cheesecloth method?)
Dorothy's Oreo Peanut Butter -- I can't resist.

// Interesting Reads //
Your Half Eaten Sandwich's Dirty Secret via Mother Jones (on food waste)
How Did This CA Girl Become a Warrior Princess? via Yahoo! -- not so sure about that one.

// Before/After Season Deals //
Sale on Ray Ban's, more sunglasses -- up to 50% off.
Price cut on my favorite Sorel 1964 Boots -- in all shades of the rainbow.
Great prices of Puffy Vests -- my favorite is this one. Might have the pull the trigger.

// This Time. Last Year(s). //

We've got a lot going at home these days + some of it is on Writing Chapter Three:
  • Tomorrow -- Thoughts before Ada's MRI appointment.
  • Ada's MRI -- Our experience at the children's hospital having an MRI under sedation.
  • The Results -- Unfortunately, we didn't get great news about Ada's MRI. 
  • A New Season -- Scenes from the weekend  + trying to live life as normal.
Have a great weekend Tuesday!

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