(Sustainable) Fitness Goals

>> Saturday, December 21, 2013

This blog has changed dramatically since it first began, hasn't it? Beyond food, I used to write post upon post about all my training -- goals, races, injuries, all of it. Slowly, that talk has faded to everything else going on, including a load of stuff about parenting.

I run quite a bit, actually -- if not for exercise, for my sanity.

Usually between 20-30 miles a week, depending on the weather + sidewalk conditions these days. And I think I may have divulged in the past that my fitness goals are just . . . well . . . different now. For example, I only run a few key races each year. As in, like, 3 or 4. I used to race every other weekend, but would rather save my money and time for other activities/things.

Strangely, I'm still setting PRs. I'm finding that I can still be an athlete without it completely taking over my entire life and identity (and bank account). I love that I'm finding such balance, because it's something I struggle with in all areas of my life.

As I look to the new year, I know I'm going to feel inspired to draw up new goals, including fitness resolutions. Perhaps I'll sign up for new/different races, try some new sport, or even set new weekly mileage goals. Some of these things I'll meet, while others will just end up being pipe dreams.

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. So, next week, I'll be writing a few posts (much like the Automatic Healthy Eating series) about setting sustainable fitness goals. How to fit working out into your busy life. What to do when your once athletically driven mind shifts + how to find motivation. How to embrace the quality versus quantity mindset. And all that jazz.

What are you interested in reading? 
What fitness-related questions do you have? 
Anyone with a particular goal in mind? 

I'd love to incorporate different stuff you want to hear in these posts.

Either leave a comment below, email me, or send me a tweet!

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