Deep Freeze + Indoor [Zero Equipment] Workout

>> Monday, January 6, 2014

As I type up this post, the winds are kicking up and the temperatures are plummeting. This winter has been brutal, and I've been running through the worst of it (here's how!). When the words "danger" and "frostbite" enter the forecast, I don't mess around. My hardcore winter running facade melts and I resign myself to some indoor sweat sessions.



Working out at home has become even more important this year since we quit our gym membership to save money toward potentially buying another vehicle. We no longer have the option to warm up the car, pack some shorts and a tank, and head to the gym to hit the treadmill or weights.

Thankfully, we've amassed quite a collection of (simple) workout equipment over the years, including:
We also have a Spinning Bike, which I've been using often, and Treadmill, that we got second hand. I don't like running indoors because it aggravates my IT-band, so if I'm not getting in some cardio on the bike -- I'm usually doing basic kettlebell swings.

Stephen, on the other hand, has quite an indoor routine he does to supplement his running, and I've asked him to do a writeup on the specifics another day.

Even if you don't have any equipment at all, you still have one of the best workout tools of all. Your own body weight can provide quite a cardio/strength session all on its own. If you usually slug slow miles outdoor in winter, incorporating some more challenging moves, like burpees, to your routine can help kick things up a notch.

Here's a quikie I've been doing once a week:

You could easily speed through this workout in less than 30 minutes, but please take time to focus on form and engaging the right muscle groups versus trying to win the race. I'm thinking specifically of the air squats and burpees. The pushups, too, are infinitely harder if you go the entire way up/down.

Oh, and just a note that "cheerleader" situps are the only thing I could think to call the sort of situps where you lay flat on the ground, arms above head + legs extended straight out . . . and then you use your abs to pull yourself up, all while spreading your arms + legs and touching your hands to your toes as if you're doing a split in the air.

That's a horrible explanation, but does it make sense? And, yes, I was a (middle school) cheerleader and we used to do up to 100 of these in practice! I suppose they made me silly, which is why I can't better explain the move!

PS: A couple readers reminded me that "cheerleader sit-ups" could better be called "V-ups"! Exactly! Thank you, gals!

Stuck indoors today? A lot of us are in the deep freeze! How are you staying active?

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