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>> Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014, everyone! I hope you're all recovering from your late nights and fun parties (which I enjoyed following on Instagram). I sure am recovering -- but mostly from this nasty cold. Now I have no voice! Anyway, to speed up my healing process, today we went out and did perhaps the most stereotypical thing health conscious people do on January 1st.

Today we bought . . . a juicer.

It's not a purchase we take lightly, though. I've been grinding and squeezing juices in various ways for years. But after spending some time with juice fanatics over the holiday, we decided that 2014 is the year of juice for us. At least, we'd like to make a more regular habit of it.

We've been looking at juicers for years and had some good recommendations from family + friends. We decided on the Breville Juice Fountain (850 watt). It grinds whole fruits and veggies, features two speeds, and is overall a sturdy, reliable machine. It was even the juicer featured in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

So far, sooo good.

For our first juice, I followed the recipe for Kris Carr's "Immune Booster" (all the ingredients above, juiced) from her amazing Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook, which I received as a gift for Christmas last year. I've been wanting to make all those juice recipes, but my blend and strain method wasn't cutting it for ingredients like beets (did you know beets are great for runners? here's why!).

So, in short, this bright green mix was delicious. I don't feel magically better and, sadly, my voice is still absent. I don't see any big detox-juice fasts in my future, but it was a nice addition to my daily eats. Stephen and I have decided to approach this juicing thing pretty casually.

Here's what I mean:
  • We're looking at the machine as a way to use up leftover produce instead of buying it in bulk for the purpose of juicing. 
  • We're aiming to juice a couple times a week versus every single day. 
  • We're so excited for the upcoming CSA season for lots of fresh, organic ingredients. 
  • We like watering it down to feel like we're drinking more!
  • We want to use the pulp. Any ideas? What you see above is in our refrigerator waiting for a home. I was thinking muffins?
I'll be back with some more (re)new year stuff tomorrow. Until then -- how was your holiday?

Any big goals or resolutions for this year?

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