Blaming My Weight Gain On My Family

>> Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I mean, I'd like someone else to blame besides myself when it comes to these extra 7 pounds I'm carrying around. Yesterday I may have discovered I lost one whole pound over the course of a week, but the scale bounces back every other day it seems. (Which is why I hate using it to measure in the first place. PS: Have you seen this 5 pounds of fat versus muscle photo?)

OK. So, one of the hardest parts about trying to lose weight now versus when I was younger is -- as mentioned in the title -- having a family. Well, having a husband was enough, too -- but now I'm responsible for making sure my toddler's belly is full with good foods at all meals. I no longer stock the refrigerator entirely for myself. I don't cook meals just for me. I can't necessarily eat meals when I feel like eating or shift according to my particular schedule on any given day. Or cater randomly to my own mood or feelings.

Yeah. Call me a whaaambulance. But balancing food, diet, and family is difficult.

Don't you agree?

When I was working outside the home, I had control over my breakfast and lunch because I ate these meals alone for the most part. I had a good, no, great routine down and certain go-to meals that worked, but since I started working from home (Video), this has all changed. I now cook almost all our meals -- save breakfast -- with the entire family in mind.

Stephen runs over 50 miles a week, along with some intense cross-training, so he eats like a college athlete and is rail thin. And somehow I'm surprised when I match his eating and gain weight. Hmmm. Ada, on the other hand, goes every other day with being super picky and I feel like I often spend much more energy paying attention to what she's eating and neglecting my own plate in the process. However, unlike a common mistake a lot of moms make, I'm not forgetting to eat. Quite the opposite. I grab whatever is most convenient and filling and pleasurable to fill my stomach and move onto the next task.

And with being so busy and distracted, I've also allowed my mental energy at meals to dwindle. I find myself rushing through meals, even when Stephen and I get a chance to head out to eat ourselves. The food is gone in two seconds flat because I'm so used to shifting my attention to the next thing. Food has truly become fuel, and I guzzle whatever gives me the most energy, even if it's candy.

It sounds like a bunch of excuses and I know I could be managing it better. I think it was important for me to pinpoint the whole family thing as an issue, though. Now I can try and move past it. So far, my non-dieting methods are working OK. I can't say I've been able to stick with all of them, but here's a check-in:

// Move More: 

I did three 30-minute moderate intensity bike rides in addition to my running last week. They were at a pace that would be similar to a brisk walk. I think it helped me not only get my body moving to burn some calories, but also got my energy up through nothing more than additional activity. So far this week, I haven't been doing as well, so maybe I'll get on that today.

// Drink Less: 


It was a holiday weekend, and I feel whenever Stephen is home, it's not a weekday . . . even if it's, say, Monday. I would like to limit drinking to one drink maybe twice a week. But I definitely had drinks 3 or 4 nights in a row, probably because I was solo nervous about Ada's MRI. Back to sparkling water for me this week. I notice a huge difference in bloat even from just one drink.

// Challenge My Body:

I did a great interval workout last week, but then we got another snow storm, so it was difficult to get in some harder workouts running-wise. Once the clouds parted, I did head out and do a challenging hill-repeat workout on the snow-covered sidewalks/roads. It wasn't as fast as I would have normally done it, but I was proud of myself for doing the hills and not skipping them and making excuses regarding weather. I ran 29 miles outside last week.

// Add More Veggies:

I definitely did a good job with this one. I like making lunches using frozen veggies and topping with eggs. That's a really easy way to do it. Otherwise, if we made pizza, we topped it heavily with vegetables. And I put a nice dose of greens on the side of most meals last week. Adding more protein for breakfast has helped my mornings, though.

// Skip Dessert (On Occasion):

I did OK for a couple days, but then I was back again with those "healthy" Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites . . . and that sort of did me in. I need to work on this area this week. I used to make chocolate greek yogurt, like this "recipe" here, and maybe that will be my new go-to, at least for a while.

// Wear Real Clothes: 

Yup. It's not as comfortable, but wearing my jeans and regular shirts sure does keep me aware of how my body feels. I'd be lying if I told you I like wearing my real clothes right now. They are tight and actually put me in a bad mood. I wish I could be more motivating and positive about my current body image, but it's the truth.

// Write it Down:

I started the week trying to track some stuff using MyFitnessPal, but honestly -- I don't like entering numbers. I get too caught up in it -- so I stopped. Instead, I think I might try something written out versus on the computer. I like the idea of this weight chart and a little incentive system (yeah, apparently we use bribes for Ada . . . and I think they might work for me, too!).

POUNDS LOST: Looks like 1 lb in a 1 week. At least that seems sustainable.

Are you trying to lose weight? How is it going for you?

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