Nokia Lumina + Belkin Chef Stand/Stylus // Review + Giveaway

>> Friday, February 14, 2014

Food blogging: Where's technology and raw ingredients collide. Heck -- well before I had a blog, I would pull my laptop into the kitchen to read recipes or make notes on my own creations. And before that -- my cookbooks took the brunt of the mess when I'd inevitably splash or splattered whatever I was making onto unsuspecting pages.

So, I was definitely excited when AT&T asked if I’d review the new Nokia Lumia 2520 and home cook-friendly Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus.

This, my friends, is your most powerful utensil in the kitchen:

Immediately upon starting up the tablet, I felt at home. You see, we have an older iPad, but I'm much more comfortable on Windows-based platforms. Always have been. The Nokia Lumina runs on Windows 8, which I actually haven't used before -- but it took very little time to catch on with its intuitive, colorful layout.

Here's a closer look:

Some features:
  • The screen itself is nice and big -- 10.1" of full display with ClearBlack technology to allow for better readability even outdoors. 
  • With such a big screen, the on-tablet keyboard is ginormous (relatively speaking), so I can actually type relatively well, which comes in handy if I want to make notes on something I'm creating in the kitchen -- or otherwise!
  • The camera shoots at 6.7MP and there's a 2MP HD front-facing camera to boot. So, if -- for example -- my DSLR isn't handy, it's nice to shoot a few photos of the cooking process or end product without fumbling around.
  • Furthermore, I've loved shooting video with my tablet, and it comes out much clearer than anything I do with my older iPad. I'm hoping to shoot some cooking tutorials for you guys sometime soon using this feature.
  • As I mentioned, it's Windows-based, and the tablet comes preloaded with Microsoft Outlook and Office. Having Office handy is so helpful in the kitchen and outside, as I love making spreadsheets (for budgeting and tracking) and documents, which is something my iPad doesn't easily let me do.
  • Plus, the whole experience is just really . . . fast. It might have something to do with the 4G or quad-core processor, but it feels like the minute I want to look something up, the information is right in front of me.
  • I suppose what most impresses me most of all about this tablet is the battery life. It lasts 11 long hours. That's a lot of cooking!
What happens when you combine the Nokia Lumina with the Belkin Cook Stand + Stylus?

Magic. The combo allows for messy hands-free browsing and the stylus is totally washable, just like your whisks and spatulas! You can actually position the tablet (and this tool works with all tablets, not just the Nokia) in several different ways using the stand -- my favorite is to position it vertically, especially when following longer recipes. All the text shows up on the screen, and I'm able to toggle between windows for taking notes/etc. with ease.

And everything stays clean!

Honestly, I've pared down on my physical cookbook collection to just a few favorites as I've used more technology in the kitchen over the years. I can see tablets as very useful tools in this regard moving forward. Sort of like we're finally living in the Jetson's age! They have already transformed much of regular computing, so it seems like a natural progression.


I'm so grateful to AT&T for allowing me to try out this tablet, but MORE to allow one of YOU to give it a try as well. That's right -- you have an awesome chance to win the Nokia Lumina 2520* and Belkia Cook Stand/Stylus . . . get ready to have your kitchen transformed.

* Tablet does not include internet service. You can, however, hook this device up to your home wifi network.

  • Please comment below with the words HEART YOU and tell me how you use technology in the kitchen.
  • Please, please, please leave some way to contact you either email address, web address or otherwise.
  • This giveaway will run from now until next Friday, February 21st at 5pm Eastern time.
  • US entries only, please.
  • The winner will be chosen using a random number generator. If that person didn't leave contact info, I will go to the next random number, etc. So, it's really important to leave contact info!
  • I will contact the winner via email (and later announce on the blog once I get in contact with you).
* Note: I was given the Nokia Lumina 2520 tablet and Belkin Chef Stand to review. I was not compensated otherwise for this post.


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