Pinning Some Blame on Spinning

>> Thursday, February 27, 2014

So, I gained back that pound I had lost last week. But, honestly -- with everything that was going on with Ada, I wasn't trying very hard to whittle down. In fact, I definitely ate one of those frosting-filled sandwich cookies in pure jubilation Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes we need that stuff. Or at least I'm still in a place where I am using food to celebrate, perhaps more than I should.

Some great news: I got in an amazing long run after that conflicted hot yoga class that took me out for a couple days -- so I was feeling great on the fitness spectrum, extra 7 pounds on my frame or not. 10 weeks till the half marathon! My 1:40-ish goals seems somewhat in reach.

Maybe. Possibly?

I can't believe I didn't think about this until last night. I only recently started weighing myself after a long hiatus. And, yes, I weigh a bit more, my pants are definitely tighter, which is why I weighed myself in the first place. So, let's think. What -- if anything -- has changed about my health + fitness regimen in the last several months?

Regular indoor cycling! (Here's details + tricks for how I do it at home.)

I'm taking part in an actual coached half marathon plan for my May race, and there's an emphasis on XT that I haven't really taken on before as seriously as I am now. I gladly saddle up on the bike to get in 45 minutes to an hour of 150-160 BMP type riding once a week because, in my experience, it actually helps me run faster. And I've even added a few 30-minute sessions every now and again for good measure/extra activity in these cold winter months.

This photo is ancient.

2010 ancient.

You may have seen last month's news from Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer about how cycling is making us fat. It's misleading, though, because she's mostly saying that all cardio and no solid resistance training (weights, kettlebells, etc.) can be a recipe for stalling out. And that "fat" is most likely bulk in the legs/thighs due to added, awesome muscle (because spinning DOES provide resistance that running does not).

ETA -- clarification, I in NO WAY agree with the person interviewed that muscle bulk is fat or bad or anything negative. I was actually surprised to see it described this way, and somewhat outraged.

So maybe that's IT. Or at least part of IT.

The "struggle" that is really just irksome more than anything else, but I'll take muscle weight, that's cool. You guys have had such thoughtful comments about this latest quest of mine to "get back" to a certain weight, and I think it's understandable that some of you are frustrated/concerned that I care at all about the number on the scale. Honestly, I'm not fixated as much as it may seem, but writing things down in a blog can sure make it seem that way.

I focus on weight, the silly number, because it's an easy, quantifiable ways to gauge what's going on. I may find out in the end that I just can't get down to what I weighed before I had Ada. In which case, all these small tweaks and dietary modifications will be purely for my health -- and I'm cool with that. Mostly, I've been on a diet of pizza and beer, and it's a small way I can work toward eating better and feeling better.

Still, I do think checking weight can serve a purpose, at least from time to time. As someone with an eating disorder in her past, I certainly try to keep these methods to a minimum. Which is one reason I don't do calorie counting. I don't want to get High School Skinny or anything like that.


Between running 4-5 days a week, cycling 1-2 days a week, and doing some yoga -- I think exercise is going well. We finally bought a kettlebell, so I'd like to start doing 1-2 days a week of a 30 or so minute workout with it to supplement, along with getting back into my bodyweight strength routine.


I haven't had beer or wine during the week, and I'm feeling really good about it. In the winter, I tend to forget to drink as much water, so I'm usually operating on a small level of dehydration, which alcohol just exacerbates. So, I've been waking up in the morning feeling much clearer-headed. I love that feeling. I still need my nice, tall dark beer on the weekend, and I'm looking forward to celebrating Stephen's 30th on Saturday!


Thankfully the snow has melted, so I'm going to be able to get in a solid fartlek and hill workout this week. My long run showed me that all those weeks of slugging along in the snow weren't for nothing. I've still retained my usual pace and may have even become a stronger runner through my hardcore outdoor running attempts in slush.


I showed you guys a glimpse into some of the cheap foods we eat in winter this week -- and beyond that, I've been eating lots of veggies. I have a great recipe I'm hoping to share tomorrow that involves a bunch of roasted veggies in a burger . . . with enough extra the next night or two to make quesadillas and even soup!


I found an 85% dark chocolate that I love, and I've been sticking with a bar or two of that versus lots of baked goods for the last couple weeks. It's satisfying and I'm also getting all those awesome benefits of chocolate -- of which there are many.


With recording all those fun videos for my new YouTube channel, I've been putting on more makeup and dressing up more. It's sort of an added benefit of the whole thing, which is great! I'll take it.


Nope. I didn't write anything down this week. But you guys have told me that even a simple paper account of my eating/exercise will show me little areas for improvement and opportunity. So, I'm going to try to get on that soon.

Alright. Check-in time! 

How are your diet/fitness goals going?

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