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>> Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miraculously I have lost two pounds since last week. The reason it's a miracle is something you'll see in a minute because if I was going to give myself a grade for exercise and eating healthy this week, I'd get like a D minus. Also: I definitely think there's something to what you guys were saying about time of month and weight with regard to water retention, etc., so I fully expect to waver again.


Not to change the subject too much, but I'm just curious to get your opinion on this issue. I have been sharing bits and pieces of my attempt to lose a little weight, and I've had some seriously split responses to my writing.

  • On the one hand, some of you have told me you appreciate my candor and honesty as I look for healthy ways to slim down a bit. 
  • On the other, I've received some emails (even from people I know in real life) and comments saying quite the contrary.
I'm puzzled with the negative responses. Those equating caring about my weight with having an eating disorder. Those focusing my "extreme" attention and, well, weight on weight. It's just not that way in my mind -- at all! My clothes were fitting tighter, I've known I've been eating too much bread/cookies/beer and not moving much outside running this winter, so I weighed myself and got the black-and-white result.

(This isn't my photo or my weight.)

Another criticism I have received is that I'm generally of a healthy build, so I shouldn't worry or care about how much I weigh. But I seriously disagree. I know from personal experience how quickly a "mere" 7 pounds can turn into 70+ with heart surgeries, diabetes, and a host of other health problems.

My quest (and this isn't just about this time around or any specific time I've tried losing weight) isn't about vanity alone, and I hope you guys understand that.


I'd like to know, for example, what you think about weighing yourself. Do you do it regularly? Do you never weigh yourself under any circumstances? I go through period of time -- months to even a year once -- when I haven't used a scale. Not on purpose either way, but we weren't members of a gym and our digital scale's battery died, and I wasn't sick and going to he doctor where I'd otherwise weigh in. (Office scales are notoriously unreliable anyway, right?!) 

But I also don't see anything wrong with occasional weigh-ins -- once a week or even monthly. That being said, we all know that the number on the display isn't the best indicator of health anyway, so it should never be used solely to measure up. It's just a tool -- along with many others.

Overall, I try to value all opinions, even if they aren't according with my own. So, these criticisms are valid and I want you guys to know that sharing my experience isn't meant to trigger or upset anyone. If I had an obsession with losing those 7 pounds I seem to "dwell" on, I would probably easily have lost them already.

Whatever the weight. I'm feeling good!


This week I've stalled out on my activity. I had trained through the polar vortex, through the ice and snow, and now that it's March? I'm totally burned out. All that dedication came at a price, so I'm taking this week really easy -- which is fine because we have a 4-mile race on Saturday. I hate to sound like a broken record about the weather, but it's really starting to get to me. I even thought about joining an inexpensive gym (some are just $10 a month), but Stephen pointed out it HAS to get warmer soon, so I held off.


Didn't do too great with my beverages this week. It was Stephen's birthday, so I definitely indulged in more beers and Moscow Mules than I usually do. What's good is that I'm drinking more water with all those indulgences.


Nope. See "Move More" above. I could be upset with myself for taking it easy, but at the same time, I'm over 8 weeks away from my half marathon and haven't missed more than a couple workouts total -- and that includes several weeks of pre-training in January. Sometimes rest is GOOD this far ahead of the game. After some days of easy running, I think my mind will be back in the game again.


We ate like healthy kings last week! Lots of veggie-loaded quesadillas, slow cooker stews, veggie burgers, etc. I've also started hard boiling eggs at the beginning of the week for some easy grab-n-go protein (or for making Avocado Egg Salad sandwiches at lunch). I think the best part about this week, and possibly where I did lose some weight, was with my diet. I'm enjoying so many more veggies because I've just added them in wherever possible!


I ate half a birthday cake this weekend (it was a small one, in my defense). Otherwise, I haven't been keeping as many baking supplies at home, so doing better with desserts. I might stop buying sugar for a while and only use maple syup, honey, and other natural sweeteners. I've stopped buying white or even white-whole wheat flour and now use entirely whole wheat and oat flour. Our pizzas aren't as stretchy, but it's healthier.


Of course I'm typing this as I wear a pair of Stephen's pajamas, but I've been dressing up even more than usual. I packed away half my closet recently because we're planning to put our house on the market -- so I only have around 25 pieces of clothing (not including exercise and lounge stuff), but it's actually made it much easier to dress. Still, my clothes are tighter than usual, which is frustrating. Maybe that's why I tend to wear Stephen's clothing to augment my own closet!


I did keep a paper log for like two days of what I was eating, but honestly it was making me feel obsessive. I think this method can work of a lot of people, but with an eating disorder in my past, anything that involves tracking food just gets me thinking about it way too much during the day. I would like to strike a balance because there's a huge difference between obsessing and just being aware of what I'm putting into my body (which admittedly isn't always the best food -- so I'd like to identify if there are patterns there).

How are your diet/fitness goals going?

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