Weekly Digest, no. 4

>> Saturday, March 22, 2014

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I still have five pounds to go to meet my weight-loss goal. Also: I finally broke down and got a Fitbit Flex. It's been eye-opening to see my general activity level during the week.

Grocery Budget: Aldi Month Report

Continuing our #unsponsored review of Aldi shopping for the month. The grand total is in for the month's worth of groceries, and I'm pleasantly surprised!

5-Minute Whole Wheat Naan // Cooking Video

A fantastic 5-minute fix for a naan-like bread made from all whole wheat flour + Greek yogurt. Get the ingredients list and even some video tips for how it make it in your own kitchen!

Slow Cooker Cheesy Potato Soup

You guys asks for all-Aldi ingredient recipes, and I've delivered. This simple cheesy potato soup is lightened up with some healthy ingredients and FULL of VEGGIES! Definitely put this on your must-try list!

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What To Expect When Your Child Needs Surgery

A bit of a personal post for those of you who found my blogs through searching around about surgery + little ones. It's my list of 10 things I encountered good/bad/ugly throughout our own hospital journey.

Wednesday Already?

This week went super fast with putting our house up on the market. Just some notes from what's going on with us -- as well as a report from Ada's first day of mommy-and-me preschool.

How I'm Keeping Up with My 2-Year-Old

Feeling energy-zapped? I sure get that way, especially before the afternoon nap. Here are some tips I've learned along the way to keep up with Ada and all the day's responsibilities and activities.

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Ashley, Stephen, and Ada

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