6 Quick + Easy Vegetarian Weeknight Dinners

>> Thursday, May 8, 2014

I've been meaning to share more recipes, but actually haven't been making anything remarkable to share. We've packed away at lot of our kitchen to "stage" our house for sale (whenever that happens), we've been in/out depending on evening showings, and I've also lost the charger to my Nikon, making good photos almost impossible to capture.

So, I thought instead I'd give you guys 6 of our current favorite meals that get us through the busy weeknights. These dishes earn points for being relatively inexpensive, quick to prepare, and a breeze to clean.


Breakfast for dinner is actually one of my all-time favorite meals. I fry up a few eggs in coconut oil, toast some thick slices of bread, and spread with mashed avocado. We can go quite overboard, often making our own sweet potato hash browns, adding salsa, and using whatever else we have on hand to bulk up this simple meal.


If we're really pressed for time, we cube up + fry some tofu and then toss it with whatever veggies we have in the freezer (we have a few Asian mixes we bought in the winter at Wegmans). Sort of like my Lazy Woman's Stir-Fry, just easier. Sometimes we'll just mix together some sesame oil and soy sauce for flavor. Other times, I'll make a simple peanut sauce or red curry or green curry to accompany.


If we know we're going to be busy on any given night, I'll try to think ahead and mix together a pizza dough. I roast vegetables at the beginning of each week -- so all that's left to do is bake the pizza with the veggies, cheese, and canned tomato sauce on top. It takes 20 minutes tops.


I think I've covered before that I actually sort of hate pasta, but wow is it convenient and fast. I like easy dishes, like this $5 Family Meal. And now that I've discovered that delicious Pesto + Avocado Sauce, I don't mind eating noodles so much anymore. Oh, and I also tend to top my pasta with eggs. I am freaking obsessed with eggs.


Thank goodness I was so into freezer cooking last fall and into the winter. We have quite a stock of veggie burgers in our freezer that cook up in a flash. Our most recent creations include these delicious (gluten-free) Zucchini Burgers and these nutrient-dense Lentil + Quinoa Burgers. If you'd like more ideas, head over to our burger/sandwich recipes.


On Cinco De Mayo, I was figured I got a free pass for skipping Mexican food because we've eaten our Veggie-Loaded Quesadillas, like, 20 times in the past month. We definitely had our fill, so this item won't be on our tables soon again . . . but it has certainly served us well (and for such little money!).


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