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>> Friday, May 2, 2014

After I announced I'd had it with my bad eating habits (yet again!), I really did clean up my act. But not as perfectly as I've done in previous attempts. I think maybe that's why I've been sticking with longer -- at least so far.

Extremes rarely set me up for success.


Basically, I took your advice and started to eat breakfasts that don't contain added sugars (including fruit) so I don't start the cycle of craving it so early in the day. For me, this has meant a lot of eggs and sweet potatoes (well, I guess there's some sweetness), which Ada has gotten in on and now asks for in the morning. I might start making my way down the 12 Recipe-Lite Protein-Packed Breakfasts list. By far, breakfast makes the biggest impact on my day. If I choose the foods that really fuel my day, I feel much more satiated.

I've been eating a hefty bowl of oats mixed with my favorite Greek yogurt chocolate "pudding" for lunch. Some nut butters and seeds and fruit mixed in there too. Or sometimes I'll do a quick hummus wrap or something similar. Several snacks with a good mix of nutrients, tastes, and textures. Nothing too innovative. Whole fruits and veggies. Homemade dips. That sort of stuff.

Dinners have been much less predictable, but I'm mostly just trying to cut the amount of cheese and bread I consume in half. I could eat cheese pizza every single night if I had the choice, but I've been adding heftier toppings of roasted veggies to pizzas and quesadillas, as well as experimenting with some new recipes.

And I still enjoy dessert -- like the banana ice cream sandwiches -- daily. I've been keeping some of my vices as treats for the weekend. So, for example, I love eating white bakery bread. Instead of picking up a loaf during the week for sandwiches -- we'll have something special for Saturday's lunch (like my all-time favorite sandwich in the photo above!).


I haven't lost any weight, but there's a funny story with that. We bought a digital scale the winter after I had Ada. I jumped on it and figured the higher number I saw was because I had a bit of baby weight still to lose. We packed away our old scale, and I didn't think much of it. Since we're now in the process of trying to move, I uncovered that old scale from its hiding spot and calibrated it for curiosity sake. Though I still weigh the same number on the digital scale that I was complaining about a couple weeks back . . . I only weigh 2-3 more pounds than the analog scale "starting weight" that I recorded pre-baby.

So, honestly -- the actual number doesn't matter so much anymore. It's just interesting to know that breastfeeding didn't necessarily make me hold onto AS much weight as I originally thought and complained about regularly. And that those extra 7-10 pounds might be more like an extra 2-3 from my pre-baby weight.

I don't care if I weigh 130 pounds or 13,000 pounds so long as it's weighted equally.


What I have experienced -- and almost always experience when I eat well -- is increased energy. Extra pounds or not, my biggest daily complaint is usually crazy ups and downs with my energy level. I don't know why I can't get it through my head that I always feel great when I eat well, so it's worth the extra effort. Stephen was sick one day this week and totally dragging in the afternoon, like I usually am, and I remember bounding up the stairs several times asking him "geez, you look zapped! I feel fantastic!"

(Yeah. I'm a jerk!)

The key for me is eating soon after I wake up, drinking lots of water throughout the day, spreading my meals into more frequent snacking, and having foods prepared in advance that are easy to grab and go.

I'm hoping to post with some more details soon, but I'm trying to take care of myself without turning this into a long posting opportunity. If I get caught up in sharing tips too soon, I'll shift my focus away from myself -- and right now, this is all about me.


As you guys know, I need to be careful whenever I make drastic changes to my diet or routine. I often get that comment whenever I post anything about my eating habits -- but I know better than anyone the issues specific to my own situation. These days, my relationship with food and my weight is very different than it was in my disordered days.

It's just hard knowing the sorts of foods that make my body function well and my energy levels stable . . . and then being tempted continually by doughnuts, pizza, and other choices. Since I have struggled in the past, I worked for a long time to be able to accept and really enjoy eating these sorts of foods, but then found myself swinging on the other side of the spectrum with being all too comfortable packing them in!

I'm a work in progress. So, I'll be sure to check in again.

What's your favorite low sugar, high protein breakfast? I need some ideas!

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