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>> Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thanks for all your congrats on my race win! Since my kitchen is mostly packed up and I've been eating off paper plates, there's not much in the food department to talk about now. Only 5 more days, though! Anyway, several of you have asked about my training, so I thought that'd be a fun topic for today.


Over the past year, I've made some solid gains in my race paces at all distances. I haven't done much (if any, really) speedwork, though. So, I wanted to share my "secret weapon" workout with you guys today because it's one that truly works. It will make those typical "hilly courses" we all complain about feel like a cake-walk, too!

But first: On every training run, I try to do at least one climb. If it's not a long hill, I try to find a steep one and go as fast as I can. If it's a long hill, I try to just power up at whatever pace can carry me there. But I do this every single run at least once during the run. If you live in a flat area, try running up man-made inclines (like bridges) or visiting the treadmill more often.

Then once a week I try to do hill repeats.

This workout, which I did as part of my half marathon training, has the potential to be as long as 10 miles. I know. That sounds a bit nuts. I usually just do 10 repeats for a total of 7 miles. However, when I was starting out, I'd do 6-8 repeats and even shorten the warmup to just a half mile warmup/cooldown. You can also choose a shorter hill. Anything over .10 of a mile is better than nothing!

Basically, you can get the idea to modify according to your race distance. And you can even choose to simply follow the general idea of incorporating regular HILL REPEATS into your training. Stephen also favored hills versus speed for his training this year and is seeing similar gains in his race times. Something must be working!

Otherwise, I don't do "workouts" necessarily. I run the rest of my mileage at an easy pace. If on a short run I feel particularly strong, I'll choose to go faster that day. And I always try to get a long run of 8-10 miles in on the weekend despite where I am in a training cycle.

How do you work to get faster? Do you like doing repeats at the track or preferring heading for the hills? Or are you a beast at both!

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