(Major) Grocery Sticker Shock

>> Thursday, June 19, 2014

I've been shopping at Aldi almost exclusively for over two months now. It's simplified our whole grocery buying process considerably. Even if I don't make a list before heading to the store, I'm not tempted by a wide array of foods I don't normally need, and I've even become accustomed to the taste of certain Aldi brands versus our old mainstays.

For example, I buy Greek yogurt almost every week. While on vacation in Wellsboro this week, I had to get Chobani at $5.99 a container (ouch!) . . . and the taste and texture aren't doing it for me. Well, that's not the only disappointment I experienced this week. I had some major sticker shock when I went shopping at one of my hometown's grocery stores.

Here's the receipt.

OK. So this is what I bought to feed myself and Ada -- not Stephen -- for the week. And upon first glance, it looks like I still got a good amount of food for just under $70. However, closer inspection reveals that a lot of those "items" are really just small discounts on high prices.

I've crossed out the discounts to show the food only.

I've also circled the discounts to show them clearly. Not too impressive. Now, to be entirely fair, I did end up buying some more convenient foods than usual this week. So, this is by no means a direct comparison.

Still, just for the fun of it, I did compare like-products from my latest Aldi haul.

Cheese: $1.99 versus $3.39
Greek yogurt: $3.89 versus $5.99
Almond Milk: $2.49 versus $3.69
Hummus: $3.99 versus $5.99 (large container)
Beans: $0.65 versus $1.19
Milk: $2.15 versus $4.00 (didn't buy, just noticed!)
Brie: $2.99 versus $7.99 (no joke! I didn't buy!)

They did have a good deal on avocados -- 10 for $10 -- so I'll give the store that. However, if I had to routinely shop at this store, I wouldn't be able to afford to feed my family and still have money for other things. Most of my friends actually shop out of town for their food, at least from what they tell me. It's just unfortunate that food can be so expensive some places!

What do you think? Are the prices in my receipt above similar to what you encounter at your local store? I think where you're located has a lot to do with it, as my hometown is somewhat out of the way of major highways and all. Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to filling my cart for a grand $100 total and having enough food for almost two weeks!

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