Rave Run

>> Monday, June 16, 2014

This morning I completed the first long run as part of my marathon training plan -- an 8-miler -- while meandering up a country road to the crest of a mountain ridge. The first 5K was rolling, but primarily uphill, while the second 5K was, conversely, a steady downgrade. I made up the rest of the mileage in town with a quick out-and-back and promptly collapsed from the summer heat and humidity. I think I finished in around an hour and 10 minutes.

Phew! Next week, I tackle the regionally infamous Laurel Festival 10K for the first time in many years. It will be a similar experience, but steeper and perhaps, gulp!, warmer. I am woefully underprepared since I haven't run these dirt roads in ages, but I'm glad to take on the course for the whole experience of it all.

You see, Stephen and I had explored moving back to Wellsboro several times and even made some great strides toward getting here. But without job offers or other means to return, we've accepted that at this point in our lives -- we'll stay put and try to grow our roots where we're currently planted. Still, it's when I got to the top of that gigantic climb this morning when I nearly started sobbing as I took in the scene below. They don't make hometowns like mine anymore, it seems, and it's difficult to accept that I took this place for granted growing up.  

Anyway, I was seriously jogging in the pages of a Runner's World Rave Run, and I could certainly get used to the difficulty with such a sweet reward. But I'm a bad blogger and decided not to tether my DSLR to my body or have someone bike alongside me or otherwise snap candid photos from all angles to show how badass I am. You'll just have to believe my word.

Instead, I found a few that sum up the places where I'm running/hiking this week.

sources: (1) (2) (4) (3) (5)

Stunning, no? I haven't told Stephen yet (hey, Stephen!), but I truly think I'd like to retire here. You know, in 30+ years. And to think I was so bored with Wellsboro growing up because it was a popular retirement destination! Now it's still that, but also an amazing cultural and arts center with tons of activities and events. To my friends who still live in the 'boro -- just know I'm ever-envious of you . . . to my core.

Except for the grocery prices (!!!), which I'll cover tomorrow!

I'll try to grab my parents' camera and snap some photos of the downtown during all the festival fun for another photo-dump later in the week. For now, I'm off to finish writing an article before Ada wakes from her nap (and rest these tired legs -- I also ran a 5-miler with the jogging stroller last night, ouch)!

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