Rhubarb Hand Pies

>> Monday, June 9, 2014

Our CSA share has started for the season. We're so excited about getting fresh, local foods each week -- as well as visiting more with our farmer friends and fellow community members. I'll write more about our share later this week in conjunction with our Aldi grocery list and total budget. For now? Food!

This week's share featured rhubarb, an ingredient I've only used once before. We had a cookout with some of our friends last night, so I thought making some hand pies would be a good, portable addition for dessert.

Oh, and this was my first time making hand pies!


The recipe doesn't belong to me. Rather, I found it -- Rhubarb Hand Pies -- on Erin Boyle's column at Gardenista. (I love her and her blog, by the way.) So, certainly check out the original source for the full instructions.

I did, however, make some notable modifications:
  • I probably overcooked the rhubarb until it was basically mush to ensure it wouldn't be too tart.
  • I used a tablespoon of chia seeds versus cornstarch for thickening (and it worked perfectly!).
  • I used white-whole wheat flour in place of white for the crust.
  • I used half Earth Balance and half organic shortening for the butter in the crust recipe.
  • I omitted the egg washing. It wasn't necessary.
  • Instead of folding my pies in half, I made slightly larger ones by pressing two circles together. (I cut the circles with Ball jar lids.)
  • Still, 30 minutes at 350 baked these guys up perfectly.
Anyway, I was able to make this recipe all while preparing and baking two delicious pizzas, entertaining, and drinking a powerful IPA. So, even if you've never made pie, you -- too -- should try it out. I can't wait to make it again. Maybe with a little chocolate in the mix somewhere!


pssst: It's marathon training day 1! I'm still torn with the whole baby fever thing . . . but I here we go!

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