5 Clean Eating Goals

>> Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So, something not terribly surprising happens when you pack up most of your kitchen for the bulk of a month, travel to your hometown for a week, and spend yet another week in painful moving-limbo. (We think we will finally get our closing date firm today. Finally + it's a long story.) You eat out a lot, you rely on convenience foods, you spend way more money than you want to (I haven't been to Aldi in a while, let's just say), and you start to feel quite sick by the end of it all.

Simply put: I cannot freaking WAIT to get into my new kitchen and start eating well again.

Let's be honest, though. I'm accountable. It's all in my choices. Looking back, I could have purchased a bunch of raw fruits and veggies to snack on this month, requiring no cooking or preparation. But those foods aren't the ones that are most appealing in times like these. Same goes with sticking to plain water versus alcoholic beverages (hello, beer and wine every day!) and the occasional sugary soda. And don't even get me started on exercise. That's a topic for another day!

1. A Simplified Breakfast

I love starting the day with something hearty and satisfying. The thing is, though, I also get caught up in wanting to make something complicated and a little over the top. I'd like to establish a couple go-to meals for summer breakfasting, like oatmeal with berries, simple eggs and sides, or even just a hearty cereal. I'll be writing more about seeking protein with my breakfast meal very soon. (In the meantime, here's 12 Protein-Packed Breakfasts for Vegetarians.)

2. A Raw Meal a Day

The thing is: I don't eat enough raw foods. Vegetarians and vegans are supposed to just love salad, right? Yet, I cannot seem to get myself to eat a bunch of raw veggies without juicing or pureeing them into a smoothie or other concoction. I'd like to learn to love salads -- whether from my own garden (the sellers have lots of tomatoes in there!) or my CSA -- and I'll be sure to share any secrets I learn along the way.

3. Homemade Pantry Staples

I'm so much looking forward to the summer and fall produce seasons. To blending together delicious pestos from basil, garlic scapes, spinach, chard, and anything else green and tasty. When tomatoes start popping up, I'm excited to can sauces and other staples for the winter months.

4. Freezer Meals 

Over time, our freezer stash got a little on the light end. And with moving (and having to defrost our big freezer to pack it up) I had to make a few tough decisions about foods that would carry over to the next place and those that would perish. When we get into our new space, I'll be sure to whip up some vegetarian freezer meals as healthy eating insurance.

5. H2O Pact

My caloric beverage consumption is out of control these days. When we're packing or moving, I grab a can of whatever is convenient and head straight into the task. Come true move-in day, I'd like to get myself sipping mostly water and herbal tea again, as well as to commit to a bit of an alcohol cleanse. I'm not against drinking, but I am definitely feeling the bloat and dehydration as a result of not hydrating myself properly.

Do you have any current clean eating goals? 

Of course we all know what we SHOULD be eating/drinking, but even the best of us require a reset from time to time! I'd love to hear what the rest of you are thinking/doing out there.

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