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>> Tuesday, July 15, 2014

With moving to a new house (tour here!), we've also moved to a whole new neighborhood. And, well, the running is tough. Tougher than I expected. I thought the Laurel Festival 10K was bad with all its mountains and valleys, but it seems like I'd be in great shape next year if I chose to do it again.

At our old place, I could run up to 13 (or more!) miles with few inclines to break my stride. In fact, to compare to everything I'll show you in a moment -- here's the elevation map for my all-time favorite 4-miler that I used to run at least a couple times a week.

Now? I used MapMyRun to check out some of the routes I've tackled or plan to try soon.

And . . .

OK. So, these hills are still nothing compared to running in Wellsboro (and other places, I'm sure). I mapped out one of the long runs I did last month when I was visiting my parents and was sort of shocked with what I discovered. So, I guess it could be worse.

Anyway, after playing around with different paths, I was able to map out a relatively flat 10 miler for my next long run. The only problems: It's not in the nicest area. Not dangerous, but just sort of urban decay. And it's out-and-back, and I don't love being far away from home during the summer months with heat and all.

But this looks better, doesn't it?

Not really.

But if you examine all those jigs and jags carefully, you see that the elevation only toggles between 870 and 885 feet or something like that. This image is a tad deceiving. So, I'm feeling hopeful I'll get some flat ground and finish my run without too much peril.

Runners who live in hilly areas: WHAT DO YOU DO!? 

I am getting the idea that I just need to shut up and run, and that eventually my body will adjust. I guess I'm thinking ahead to my next pregnancy. I've already written at length about what I want to change about running the next time around. Not entirely sure if I should run all these hills on the regular. Will I be doomed for the treadmill?

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