Seasonable Beach Brew: Bud Light Lime

>> Thursday, August 7, 2014

We recently embarked on our annual summer vacation to Diamond Beach, which is a quiet, sandy space near Wildwood Crest, NJ.

We go with Stephen's family each year the last week of July, and it's the sort of vacation where we all let loose and let go of plots and plans. You could say we're #upforwhatever life brings us for this single week -- looking for some spontaneous fun when our schedules are usually so horribly routinized.

We load up our beach carts, umbrellas, and coolers in the early AM and head down to the sand for the bulk of the day. Amidst all the trail mix, tortilla chips, sandwiches, and countless jugs of water, we always have a good stash of beer chilling for those hot afternoon hours. But instead of hauling heavy craft brews down the shore -- we prefer more seasonable, light beers for easy drinking. So, when BlogHer offered up an opportunity to try Bud Light Lime last week, I jumped on the chance.

I've sampled Bud Light Lime before. In fact, I had just purchased a case of its new sleek cans (we're getting more into cans these days!) to serve to our friends while they helped us move. Definitely a hit, especially when the temperatures soared well about 90 degrees and all those couches needed to go in and out of our moving truck. It seems people like the Bud Light Lime cans so much, they snagged all of them at the liquor store down in Wildwood.

But don't fret -- if you can't find them either, the bottles contain the same crisp and light beverage that's perfect for whatever you happen to be doing this season. It's also a general crowd pleaser, which is nice since cramming into shore houses often brings up lots of decisions and opinions that just don't belong on vacation. Vacation is for fun.

This choice is quite easy!

This summer, Bud Light Lime is bringing you the flavorful, refreshing twist of lime that will keep you ready for spontaneous fun all summer long. And now, the perfect beer for whatever happens invites you to click here to prove that you’re #upforwhatever. Yes! Bud Light is creating its own town -- Whatever, USA -- and you can win a ticket for three days of fun by submitting a 10 second audition video (you can also browse videos on the site).

I hope you guys are all having a great summer, and please remember to drink responsibly.

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