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>> Friday, September 26, 2014

Here we are again. Another failed marathon training season. I’ve mentioned several times that I simply fell behind on my training during our big move . . . a whole month behind. I tried catching up, but skipping ahead to higher mileage just isn’t smart for my IT-bands.

So, I kept slugging away at around 28-35 miles a week the last several months. My longest run was 17 miles at 9:00/mile, and I’ve now decided to 100% opt out of the race that’s in two weekends. Funny how solid training -- even my recent 5K PR-ing, etc. -- can seem like nothing if you’re not meeting your ultimate goal. Especially that stupid marathon distance.

Right now? I’m running because I love running.

Oh, and I started running in some new shoes recently (above + not sponsored). I still have a pair of Nike Flyknits that are -- in a word -- AWESOME for my weekly mileage. On those longer runs, I have wanted some more cushioning. I hadn’t run in Adidas since college, but this pair of their Response Boost shoes are pretty great so far. Lots of responsive (yup!) cushioning. I’ll try to write more about them once I wear them in a little more.

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