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>> Friday, October 17, 2014

I’m sure some of you already saw our kitchen progress over on Writing Chapter Three. Once we get all the doors back on their hinges, I’ll be writing more about how it’s looking and how I’m feeling about the quality of the job we did. I also bought some craft paints to do a DIY backsplash design that I hope to start over the weekend.

And I painted our refrigerator.

I’ve done several more coats by now, so it’s looking smooth + matte black. A couple people on Instagram asked why I’d ever want to paint an appliance. Easy: Our refrigerator was an off-white color that looked dirty next to the freshly painted cabinets. And our dishwasher and stove are both black. No idea why they didn’t match in the first place, but instead of buying a new fridge -- this makes sense for our budget right now.

More on this project soon!

Read these:

#1: I have this dream to build an Earthen Oven in our backyard next spring. Just imagine the crusty breads and pizzas we could create! We’ll see if I actually get around to making one, but it’s sure fun to dream.

#2: I very much enjoyed the rewind with these 1970s Halloween Costumes. Gotta love that Dr. Zaius!

#3: What’s your take on Wired’s opinion piece on how American schools are preparing kids for a world that doesn’t exist? I feel like technology and the way we do everything is changing so rapidly, so it’s definitely a challenge.

#4: I have this totally irrational fear of tornados. They don’t really happen in our area. But studies have shown that they are now more frequently coming in swarms. Yikes.

#5: Which of your favorite foods are hiding a massive water footprint? This list was quite shocking to me.

#6: Here’s a bunch of homesteading news via Google search. I like to check recent happenings this way because it’s easier than hunting around.

#7: A few deals!

#8: And a little shameless hometown pride: The 10 Hiking + Running Trails You Need to Visit in Tioga County, PA.

Lately on Writing Chapter Three:

// All about the Two Week Wait and how much it, well, sucks. I know a lot of people are going through the same thing, so I decided rather than suffer in silence, I’d write about it. And I’m glad I did. Some amazingly supportive comments. Thanks, guys!

// Life in TTC Limbo (exercise, eating, drinking, testing, etc.) + an awesome Real Food Organics Prenatal vitamin #giveaway.

// Details about our White Kitchen Cabinets. How we painted them. How long it took. How much it cost. Etc. There will be a part II once we get them all on their hinges again.

// All about Money + Budget for our family. Anything from working at home to making our dollars stretch farther. I even share how much is in our bank account!



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