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>> Friday, October 31, 2014

Here’s a look into my refrigerator.

Last week I did a gigantic purge of any spoiled foods or hidden leftovers that had gone bad, and it made a big difference. When I can see all the food we have, I tend to use it all much more effectively. So, the goal from now on is to avoid trips to the store until absolutely necessary. Last week we skipped shopping entirely aside from some milk for Ada and fruit. I’ll write about how that went soon.

Otherwise, I’m breaking my anti-plastics in the kitchen by using some old clear snap containers to hold prepped foods, because I made a lot of them this week. I’d love to get a set of glass containers -- like this 18-piece set by GlassLock -- to replace the plastic and allow reheating directly. Next week, I’ll give you guys a look into my freezer and how it’s organized. Having an upright freezer has been such an amazing help, and I love that in our new house I can have it right outside the kitchen door in our garage.

Read these:

#1: Best of luck to anyone running New York this weekend. Here are some celebrities who are joining you!

#2: I’ve become absolutely fascinated with post-mortem photography this week.

#3: All Things Considered: To Make Bread, Watch the Dough, Not the Recipe

#4: As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, here are some new ways (aside from the self-exam) to screen yourself at home.

#5: We’ve been watching Burning Love on Hulu Plus this week and just started watching old episodes of The State again. What I wouldn’t give to live just one week back in the MTV-soaked 1990s!

#6: A few deals!
#7: Speaking of crock pots, this Vegan Slow Cooking for Two cookbook certainly piqued my interest.

#8: Check out these Disney Princesses with Realistic Waistlines.

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