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>> Monday, December 1, 2014

Talk about Thanksgiving hangover.

We definitely overindulged in many ways this holiday, not that I’m really complaining. Thing is, we ended up only making around half of what was on our original recipe list for the actual day. We had the lentil loaf, kale chips, stuffing, and chocolate pie. Then we had the rest of the menu the next day. I loved breaking up the cooking and eating. We could savor it longer this way.

So, and everyone says this, I’m looking forward to getting back into our more usual routine and to eating some of the meals that make our bellies happy on the regular. I’m still on this low-glycemic (higher protein) makes me feel good thing. (However, I cannot impress enough how awesome this Mushroom Stuffing recipe is using sourdough bread as your base!)

We’re also doing another one of our $0 Grocery Weeks because we spent a lot on our feast this year. It’s got to come from somewhere in the budget, right? We do need to get some milk for Ada and maybe a bunch of bananas, but otherwise -- we’re eating freezer meals and other things I can cook from our stash.

Here’s some of what I prepared.


While we still have a good number of the last batch of burgers I made, I used our Thanksgiving leftovers to make these Cauliflower + Eggplant Burgers. It’s a nice change from all the bean-heavy burgers we eat. I love the flavor combination, too. Seriously -- if you’re into freezer meals, you can’t go wrong with a big stockpile of veggie burgers!


So, last time I posted our meal preparations for the week, I had made some amazing pumpkin oats in our slow cooker that lasted nearly the entire week. This time, I took that same recipe but I substituted 1 cup of chai mix in for 1 cup of water and used some applesauce versus pumpkin puree. Very tasty. Definitely some extra sugar in there, but it’s diluted but a good portion. (This photo is of the pumpkin oats -- just imagine the same exact thing with less of an orange tint.)


$0 shopping weeks are all about grab-and-go and ease. When we cannot easily figure out what to eat, that’s when we find ourselves running to the store or picking up the phone to order takeout. Hard boiled eggs (here’s 5 ways to eat them) are a huge help in this regard. Full of protein and can be eaten on their own, deviled for a quick snack, or mixed for a lunch sandwich, etc.


I’ve been meaning to post this Burger Bun Recipe that takes around 40 minutes to make (no rise time!). To health it up, I use half whole wheat flour and skip the egg and substitute in 1 tablespoon and flax meal + 3 tablespoons of hot water. I actually make a double batch -- but I don’t double the yeast in this case. The buns are perfect . . . and they freeze wonderfully.


We have some chili in our freezer, but I had all the right ingredients on hand, so I made a quick batch of Pumpkin Chili to start off the week with some easy lunches. Ada even loves this chili if we use the Strained Soup Trick I told you guys about in Mommy + Me Meals.


Alright, I’m breaking the mold. I didn’t already make this Chickpea and Sweet Potato Tagine recipe, but I do have the chickpeas soaking. That counts, I think. I got a Le Creuset Tagine for Christmas last year (thanks, Kathy!). If you don’t have one, you can still make this recipe without a tagine -- here’s some methods.

PS: Some of you have asked how I adapt recipes since we keep a relatively modest assortment of ingredients. Basically, I just put in what we have and either leave out of substitute like-ingredients for the rest. In this particular recipe, yes -- having the complex spices is important for the most flavorful dish. But i could leave out a bunch and still have the flavor turn out pretty great.

What are your favorite food prep recipes?


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