Six Years Of Goals

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It’s sort of crazy to have a blog that chronicles the last six or so years of my life in somewhat great detail. Not only do I see my thoughts written out in black and white -- I also get a new perspective on the sorts of stuff I was dealing with at the time. Sometimes good. Sometimes embarrassing. Such is blogging for any length of time and making yourself vulnerable. I’ve come to peace with it (and developed a good callus).

When I was in my twenties, most of my resolutions revolved around -- surprise -- my body. Lose weight. Get fit or fitter. Eat better, but usually with the ultimate goal of losing weight. I’m not saying this is normal or expected of all 20-somethings everywhere, but it’s surely different from how my mind (and body) works these days.

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to rewind, especially for those of you who have been on this ride with me for the long haul. Can you believe how much we’ve changed? The things we’ve accomplished? Or how our priorities have shifted?

// For example, 2009 started with a grand detox diet. And spoiler alert -- so did 2010! I’m not trying to diminish the merits of taking chunks of time to really examine diet and food and general lifestyle. Trying new foods and recipes is important and fun.

However, none of this extreme stuff ever stuck with me beyond the first month of those years.

// In 2011, I thought I wanted to venture into fish-eating territory after quitting it when I was only twelve years old. If you’ve followed a long while, you’ve probably noticed that I flirt with eating seafood, but it never sticks. These days, I’ve given up. I’ve tried baking it, ordering it out, and otherwise keeping an open mind -- and I never get hooked.

I had a lot of other goals for that year, including simplifying my life and drinking less. Oh, yeah. that last part was probably a tell because we were soon to get pregnant with Ada, so I figured that goal would be a sure success!

// Twenty-twelve started with my weight loss journey a few months after giving birth to Ada. More detox stuff. Gosh, I usually start off the new year so hard on myself and my body. What strikes me now is how I was actually thinner back in my twenties, but I was always unhappy with my body.

What a sad way to live.

Things are always much clearer in retrospect!

// Then in 2013, I considered going vegan again. Or at least rely more heavily on plants for the bulk of my nutrition. I also had a sort of crisis this year with my identity, and my full list of goals was an attempt to learn some new hobbies and gain myself back after getting a little sucked in by parenthood.

Surprisingly (or not), I actually attained a lot of my goals. I think it’s because I made them measurable and specific. Go me!

// For 2014, I set out to have more sustainable fitness goals. And I think I did pretty well blending exercise with my everyday life while still kicking butt. (After all, I PRed in the 5K and half marathon in 2014 without training taking over my free time and without getting injured.) I don’t think I made a ton of goals for myself last year because we were still in the whole Ada’s surgery after-shock. But the rest of the year, I went somewhat easy on myself. Maybe a sign of laziness. Maybe a sign of maturity. Or perhaps a mix.

What will this year bring?

I haven’t written it up yet, but I’ll be sure to share soon. Those of you who keep diaries or blogs -- do you ever go back and peek in on yourself? Sometimes I’m surprised and pleased with my thoughts. Other times, I’m mortified. Regardless, I’m glad I have the notes. A learning from history sort of thing, right?

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