The Day After

>> Friday, December 26, 2014

I feel low today. Not a true depression by any means. It’s that day-after-Christmas letdown, you know? Sort of like how I felt when I finished Serial. We took down the tree, packaged up the ornaments, vacuumed the room, and now all that’s lingering is a faint scent of balsam. And some leftover spinach mac and cheese in the fridge. I’ll fittingly nurse a half-full bottle of flat champagne tonight before we crack the next for the new year.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo.

It’s too perfect.

We actually had a great holiday. Ada got her long-awaited princess explosion from Santa. (The Sophia Royal Prep Academy was the clear winner -- obviously -- followed closely by her Tinker Toy) Stephen and I exchanged a few books (Forest Feast and Homemade Decadence) and clothing items (flannel for EVERYONE!). And my in-laws were up for all the fun and festivities (sorry for all the Christmas lights photos on Instagram!) in the balmiest December weather we could have dreamed up.

I’ll be honest, though, I had hoped to give everyone in my family (most of all, myself) a super early pregnancy announcement. I was due to find out the fate of yet another two weeks of waiting just a few days before Christmas -- and I thought surely this was the month. Surely. How couldn’t it be? I was a good girl this year. Nice list or not, it doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. So, I’ll tuck away the striped unisex onesie I planned to wrap in a tiny box and pack away that fourth stocking.

2014 wasn’t so good to my uterus.
Here’s hoping things are different in twenty-fifteen.

My usual pattern of posting after the holiday is to declare some need to detox and proceed with incessant healthy eating stuff until I get tired of it. This year? I’m hoping to break that pattern. (I hear clapping! Yes!) As you might already tell, this is a sort of crossover post -- so I’ll be sharing more personal stuff along with recipes, homesteading projects, and other daily topics of conversation in this space from here on out.

We’ll see how it goes, shall we?

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