1/52: Snapshots

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The other morning Ada asked if I’d paint her face. She had been watching the Daniel Tiger episode where a group of kids went to the zoo and came out looking like lions, tigers, and bears. Of course I said yes! So after a few lines and dots with an old eyeliner marker, Ada the Cat was prowling around the house meowing on all fours. It’s incredible how something so small and seemingly insignificant can change and entire day. I swear Ada was on her best behavior and infinitely happier wearing those drawn whiskers.

Preschool hasn’t been in session for two solid weeks now, and I think we’re both feeling it. We do lots of PlayDoh, cooking + baking, drawing, and music. But nothing substitutes for her friends. And on that same note, I’m feeling rather alone in that department lately, too. It’s a long story, but three of my close friends moved out of the area in 2014, so now that winter is upon us, I haven’t been out and about as much as usual. Definitely working on social stuff in the new year, just trying to figure out where to best focus my efforts on meeting like-minded, fun people.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments from friends and family about how much bigger Ada looks after she hit the big THREE mark. I completely agree, and I’m continually surprised by how rapidly stages come and go. By how fast looks change. How clothes are tossed aside for the next size up (lately in a size 4T for length, waist swimming -- tall girl!). How shoes get a couple wears before they’re too snug. I’ve given up trying to beg time to slow down, but that doesn’t mean I’m any more at peace with the hectic pace of life.

Anyway, this is the first installment of my 2015 photo project. I think taking the time to shoot a proper portrait of Ada (or our family life) once a week will be a fun exercise for this year in addition to my other goals and aspirations. I hope you’ll enjoy following along!


Over Christmas we bought Ada a new snack + drink cup, and she and I are both in love with it. It’s called the Snackeez. Now, I don’t usually go for these gimmicky contraptions, but if you have young kids, I wanted to pass along. It’s especially great for traveling. They make the same cup, just this bigger version, for adults, too!

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