2/52: Comfort Objects

>> Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I came across a photo essay the other day on the topic of children and their comfort objects. Definitely a fun piece. As a young girl, I didn’t have a particular item that I was attached to, but I was certainly an avid thumb sucker. I’d tug on my earlobe too, which is kind of weird -- but true, regardless. So, that was my thing. I grew out of it by around age four, and -- though I needed braces -- it had nothing to do with my favorite habit. (I had (and still have) a (slight) crossbite.)

My brother was the complete opposite, and if he’ll permit me to embarrass him (not that I’m asking), he was one hundred plus percent attached to his blanket. My mom had to sew this one particular satin corner several times over for him or he’d freak out. Being four years older, I’d taunt him by hiding it or pretending to flush it down the toilet. Sorry, bro. That was definitely beyond mean of me to do.

Ada, on the other hand, is extremely attached to her Soothe and Glow Seahorse, which my friend Jesslynn gave to me at my baby shower all those eons ago. It’s funny, but Ada started out with the seahorse when she was really small in her crib. Then she became indifferent, so we took it away for a while to mix stuff up. But when we switched her to her big girl bed, it became this absolutely necessity for sleeping.

PS: This . . .

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