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>> Monday, January 26, 2015


I made this awesome Roasted Cauliflower Gnocchi recipe for dinner last week.

Not so awesome? My photos. So much darkness.

I modified the recipe by using whole wheat flour. Then instead of homemade sauce, I used some store bought. I tossed in a good bunch of baby kale for good measure. We all loved the meal, and I can’t wait to make it again sometime.


I added Barre to my routine last week, and I definitely feel it in a great way. However, I’ve had some trouble balancing it with my running mileage. So, I think after this initial #OMGILOVEBARRE phase, I’d like to do three 30-minute workouts each week with another couple 10-minute ones sprinkled in. I tried a full hour Saturday but just couldn’t make it through after running.

So much core work. Ouch.

Week 1: 20.5 miles

T: 1 hour walk
W: 4 miles + 1 mile walk
R: 5 miles
F: 3.5 miles, 15-minute Body Weight, 2 mile walk
S: 8 miles

Week 2: 14 miles

M: 2 miles + 1 mile walk
T: Barre 30 minute + 10 minute workouts
W: 4 miles, Barre 30 minute + 10 minute workouts
R: 4 miles, Barre 30 minute workout
F: 1 hour walk
S: 4 miles, Barre 45 minute workout

* I had planned to run my long run yesterday, but as I’ll write about in a minute -- sleep was elusive Saturday night. I took a nap instead and decided I’d wait to run around 8 miles today if possible. Let’s do this.


What a weekend. Those of you who have preschoolers know the whole nighttime struggle. The excuses, the stalling, and even the lies. Ada’s become quite creative with her techniques over the last six months or so. So, when she all of a sudden complained that her ear hurt Saturday night, we thought it was a farce. The fit ensued and we tried for over and hour to figure out fact from fiction.

Then I saw her wince.
It was almost imperceptible . . . but then it happened again.

We packed up the car a little before 10 to drive to the ER across town. Checked in with an overly tired kid in pain. That’s the quickest way get the VIP treatment. We tried everything we could to ease Ada’s discomfort, but she was crying and screaming, so they put us in a private waiting area. After several hours we saw the nurse and PA to find out she has an ear infection. Her first. I won’t go into all the gory details of trying to get her to take a huge dose of antibiotics at 1AM on an empty stomach, etc.

Eventually we drove home, got Ada settled, and all went to bed. My internal clock woke me up around 6:30. Yuck. I need to remember this when I pine away for baby #2. I’m just happy this girl is on the mend!

Those of you in the blizzard zone -- stay safe and warm. However, I can’t lie. I’m incredibly jealous! We haven’t had much snow at all up here the last two years, and I’m so ready for a crazy storm.

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