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>> Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I’ve been searching for something new and different to do fitness-wise besides running. We looked at some gyms over the weekend, but the only ones I would want to join are the ones with pools. My favorite cross-training is my slow, sad breaststroke -- by far. Too bad those gyms are expensive. And most of them are booked up with aqua classes for the older crowd during the hours when I could typically go (or when childcare is offered, preschool is happening, etc.).

Anyway, I do random workouts on Fitness Blender from time to time. Mostly yoga, body weight stuff, and barre. After mulling over whether or not I should delve into studio yoga classes (which are also expensive, though definitely worth it), I decided I’d try doing something online for a change. When I get a chance to workout besides my usual running, it’s either in the early morning, nap time, or after Ada’s gone to bed for the night. I don’t necessarily feel like dragging myself across town by that point.

So, today I signed up for a Free 15-Day Trial of Barre3 (check it out -- I’m not affiliated with this group -- they don’t even have studios in my area). I just completed a total body 30 minute workout during Ada’s nap and got a needed boost of energy. Since I’ve tried several rogue barre workouts in the past, I knew a bit of what to expect. Lots of tiny movements with tons of burn. I like how the workout incorporates some yoga, ballet, and Pilates movements, too. All the stuff I usually ignore.

There are several offerings of this type that you can find online for free and subscription prices. Here’s a comprehensive comparison I found with Bar Method and Barre3, if you’re interested in more specifics (because I’m still super new to it all). Of the two, I chose Barre3 because I’ve read reviews from bloggers like Emily or heard about it from friends + family who live near studios and regularly take classes. Oh, yeah. And also because it’s $15/month versus $35.

Right now my goal is to do 3-5 barre workouts a week (they have ones from 10 minutes to 60 minutes) along with 20 miles of running. I’m informally doing the 28-day challenge, too, since I like the idea of checking boxes to feel some accomplishment in my day. Plus, being prompted to do certain workouts is helpful when you’re trying to guide yourself from home. I am also looking forward to checking out a few new recipes to shake me out of this carb-craziness + funk I’ve been in.

Have you tried online workout subscriptions? 

I wrote a fun article about them for Wise Bread a couple months back, so you should certainly read it if you’re interested. They're a nice, flexible option if you don’t love driving to the gym or perhaps don’t have time during traditional hours to get your sweat on. I know a lot of people really like Daily Burn and even Gaiam TV, so I’d love to hear more about those if you subscribe!

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