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>> Saturday, January 17, 2015

I’ve started snapping pictures of Ada’s artwork. She brings home so much of it from preschool (and we do our fair share of projects at home), I was starting to have trouble knowing what to do with it besides hanging on our tiny gallery in the basement. I’m going to make a book with all the snapshots and keep a few key pieces. I’d love to know what you guys do to preserve this adorable fledgling artist stage while also keeping the mess under control.

Watercolors are her (current) favorite:

#1: I couldn’t agree more with When Real Life Doesn’t Look Like a Lifestyle Blog. I’ve stopped following a lot of the aspirational, picture-perfect blogs for this reason.

#2: Check out PuppySwap, a new service for those of you who love puppies. (So sad, but true. Watch the whole thing.)

#3: Here are 10 Signs You’re Living With a Threenager. Number 3 is especially true with us!

#4: If you loved Serial, the episode -- Confessions -- by This American Life is a winner. I got a good 5 mile run out of it, too.

#5: I read all about Why Facebook Parenting Can Backfire on CNN earlier this week. Whatever you do, please don’t crowdsource punishments.

#6: Some deals!
#7: I’m sure most of you have seen this Blank Space mom parody by now. If not, here it is! Also check out the parody of the Disney Collector YouTube videos -- spot on!

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