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>> Wednesday, April 22, 2015

There are weeks, sometimes months at a time that go by when I don’t create new recipes. I often use my blog as my personal cookbook, actually. I love flipping back through recipe archives and tasting the past. It’s crazy how looking at a post or a certain recipe will take me back . . . like my own little time machine.

Here are some foods I’ve been enjoying lately.

// Pesto French Toast

It had been a solid year since I last made Basil Pesto French Toast. I’m never waiting that long again. This recipe is so easy. You basically whisk together a couple eggs with a couple tablespoons of basil pesto. Soak your bread in the mix and cook on your stovetop. The Parmesan cheese tastes amazing with maple syrup.

((Fans self.))

Moving on . . .

// Green Smoothies (always!)

I’ve done green smoothies to death. But if you haven’t seen my tips on how to Blend Better Green Smoothies -- you’re missing out. By far they’re the simplest way to add greens to your routine if you’re not into salads (like me). And I think most of us could use more leafy greens in our diets, right?

// Big Bowls of Oats

Ada calls oatmeal “mush” and she’s been requesting it most every day. We eat it more often for lunch than breakfast, but that’s OK because I’ve found a way to get fruits and veggies in the mix. Today we had pumpkin oats with strawberries and honey. I added a few chocolate chips to mine. If you want to make it (for 2-3 people), just cook 1 cup rolled oats with water, after they’ve nearly set add 1/2 cup canned pumpkin and a tablespoon or two of honey. Stir in a few tablespoons of flax meal for good measure and cinnamon to spice. Add fresh or frozen sliced strawberries, etc.

// Pumpkin Pizza Dough (on the grill!)

It’s grilling season! As vegetarians, we don’t do the traditional grilling fare . . . but we use our grill probably at least once a week when it’s nice. My favorite meal is mixed veggies with flatbread that we make out of Pumpkin Pizza Dough. The pumpkin puree gives the dough some extra moisture content that (I think) makes it great for grilling). Melt a little cheese on there to take it over the top. Or just go for a full-on grilled pizza experience (and if you don’t have a gas grill, here are instructions for pizza on a charcoal grill).

// Red Curry Tofu + Veggies

I first tried making Thai food at home when we moved away from Ithaca and our gazillion favorite Thai restaurants. (Which, by the way, my absolutely favorite closed its doors a couple years ago!) Top of my list? Coconut Red Curry w/ Tofu + Veggies. I’ve since learned how to fry my tofu in a cast iron pan to get so added iron -- and I always use full fat coconut milk. The texture and flavor is so worth the additional calories.

Do you have any meals/etc. that you make again and again? 

What are some of your favorites?

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