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>> Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ada and I have been absolutely steeped in nature the past week or so. We first visited my hometown for a few days. You can’t look straight ahead without seeing something beautiful. It gets even better as you head deeper into the woods. So much better, that when I tried texting Stephen a few photos, I realized cell service was dead for miles.

The way life should be:

When I was young, I was completely unfazed by these types of scenes. I sort of figured most everywhere looked like this. Tall trees for hundreds of miles, babbling brooks, dirt roads snaking through the mountains, all of it. Then I lived in Ithaca for college and beyond, and I’m seeing I was just plain spoiled in the first quarter of my life. It makes me cherish moments I get to spend in areas that possess such specialness.

So, I’m trying to find little glimmers of it where we live now. Today we visited a local nature center to check out its free preschool hike around the woods. The center itself had some neat displays and hands-on type stuff around. I definitely want to head back there for a longer visit. We saw all sorts of birds, animals, insects, and plants. Ada’s favorite part was wearing our rain boots so we could take the muddy trail next to the creek that was swollen from last night’s flash flooding.

Sigh . . .

There are so many reasons I love spending time outdoors with Ada. It’s quiet. It’s fleeting (6 months of deep freeze teaches us to seize the day!). We’re usually engaged in some wonderful conversations. Talk that leads to learning for all of us, really. It’s totally free entertainment. Most of all, it’s connecting with our roots.

Whether we’re out deep in the Tioga State Forest or simply lounging in our backyard by the creek, I know this is going to be a good season.

PS: Thanks for all your great ant eradication ideas. I did end up spritzing around a bit of peppermint oil. I then wiped it so mostly the smell is all that’s left (to keep the cats safe).  We’ll see what happens -- at least the house smells nice. So far, there seem to be fewer. Fingers crossed!

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