>> Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I planned to share a great Cinco De Mayo recipe with you guys today. But a certain someone came down with a nasty chest cold this weekend. Yesterday her temp was almost 104! (By the way, if you haven’t invested in one of those forehead thermometers -- run and grab one. I had to spend $50 on this one in haste, but it’s less than $25 on Amazon!) We took a quick trip to the walk-in, almost had to order a chest x-ray, but then we were discharged with a prescription we’ll fill if this thing doesn’t kick soon.

It’s a long way of saying I didn’t get around to it. But tonight we’ll be making quesadillas on the grill with cauliflower, poblanos, portabellas, black beans, and lots of gooey cheese. I wanted to try out this plantain tortilla recipe, but Wegmans was plumb out of them. I got some stone ground corn tortillas instead. Anyway, stay tuned for the deliciousness.

So, we finished our composter.

I can’t wait to update you guys on how it’s working. All we did was get a that galvanized trash can. Then we drilled a bunch of 1/4” holes in the bottom and bottom third, dug a hole about half as deep as the can, and tamped down the dirt. After that, we tossed in our organic matter, some dry leaves, and garden soil. Another Pinterest project done!

I also dyed and highlighted my hair.

OK. So I did this at home. And I am not going to share a tutorial because I’m in experimental territory here. I had been dying my hair with henna for years. I am sick of it being the same color, and I’ve read you can’t dye henna out of hair. I tried anyway. It actually looks pretty good. At least to me. It’s a brighter color. The highlights are pretty bold. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I’ll admit I didn’t love using chemicals on my hair again. But part of me just really needed the change. I used L’oreal Paris hi-lift in UL63. I then waited a day and used their Glam Highlights for medium brown hair. It looked pretty brassy, so I am also using a purple shampoo to tone. Like I said, not giving a tutorial, just sharing. Proceed with caution.

Here’s a grilling idea!

Make grilled cheese on your, well, grill! I took two pieces of French peasant bread and spread one with pesto. Topped with some sliced tomatoes . . . and then camembert cheese. You could use brie or any other kind, really. Then place the other piece of bread on top. Wrap the entire thing in foil and cook on your grill until the bread is slightly browned.


She’s sick, but with this amazing weather -- we’re all still smiling. I just wanted to give you long-time readers a quick note because I have a few sponsored posts coming up this month. They were all written/reviewed/planned at different times, but the publish schedule seems to be kind of tight. I don’t take it lightly, so please understand it wasn’t my intention.

There will be one tomorrow and then another one mid-month in addition to yesterday’s musings on My Motherhood Journey. (Speaking of motherhood, I ran into my midwife today at the grocery store and it was so incredibly awkward. It’s a story for another time. I have just decided I’m going with another provider when I’m pregnant again after everything that happened in the last couple months. Again, story for another time . . . it just kind of killed my mood today.)

As always, thanks for reading and supporting us!

You guys know I have a lot more good stuff in store, so stay tuned.

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