Mother’s Day Weekend

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I had a joyful Mother’s Day weekend. The weather itself was a pure gift from the universe. I guess that sounds kind of ridiculous, but the sun and warmth was exactly what we all needed. And -- yes -- I’ve been sharing the best of it, so those of you who have stuck with my overgramming:


My in-laws came up to visit us on Friday afternoon. We ended up eating sandwiches on the deck and chatting till around 10PM just because, well, we could. A month ago, I shoveled snow off the seats. Now? I’m planting herbs (four different types of basil!) and flowers to enjoy. I also took some time to reconfigure the layout of all our chairs and table, etc. Feels good to enjoy the backyard again.

Saturday morning, Stephen and I got up early to drive to PA. I ran a 10K with my best friend. It was a hot one, that’s for sure, but it was so much fun to race alongside my bestie. It also just felt good doing an event. The last one I ran was back in November and before that, August. I am hoping to fit in a few more races before we start the TTC process again.

The rest of the afternoon, I went around garden centers with my MIL. Well, after a quick wine-tasting! Anyway, we bought a ton of flowers and plants for the front of our house and the raised bed garden in the back. She’s sort of a green thumb expert. Me? I think I killed like 85% of all those seeds I had started indoors. So, I need help. We left part of the garden alone to see what will grow from the seeds, the middle patch is a mix of peppers, cucumbers, basil, and several types of tomatoes. And the right end is flowers for Ada to care for. We also picked up some boxwoods to replace the ones that had died out front. Everything looks so lush!

Saturday night Stephen and I got out for a much-needed date night. We started out at this new bar downtown that serves mostly local brews. I had an amazing jalapeño margarita. After that we took a random person’s suggestion to check out the new wood-fired pizza place downtown. It was great! When we moved here seven years ago, the downtown was quite empty. Now there are over 30 restaurants! Since we got up so early, we headed home and went to bed by 10PM. Not a wild night, but after having a sick kid for two weeks who didn’t sleep well, it felt like heaven.

Sunday started with a quick photo shoot. I took some cute pictures of Ada as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. Then we planted most of what we bought the day before. It was mega-hot even in the morning, so I wouldn’t say I enjoyed that part of the day. It looks nice, though. After that, we all cleaned up and headed to my favorite restaurant for a Mother’s Day brunch. I’ll be honest, I had a few moments over the weekend when I definitely was thinking about the miscarriage and feeling quite down. Like “Oh, I wouldn’t be able to have all these free mimosas IF . . .” and “I wouldn’t be out here running in this heat IF . . .”

But overall, I tried to keep the mood light.

It’s all I can do.

Now I'm catching up on work and we’re trying to enjoy the rest of the hot weather before it fades. I ran my first 25 mile week since like four months ago last week, which feels great. We’ve been grilling veggie quesadillas every other night. Etc. And in a few days Ada and I are finally headed to my hometown for that visit we attempted before the big tire blowout aka Dark Cloud Situation last month!

Happy Tuesday!

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