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>> Friday, May 1, 2015

I’ve been going beyond crazy on Pinterest lately. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but it’s like my stress release. If I’m feeling cranky or sad or otherwise icky, I’ll hop on there and browse. I hardly look back at the stuff I’ve pinned, so I’m trying to make a better habit of following through on these mini-dreams of mine.

From time to time, I hope to share a few Pinterest to Reality projects with you. Here’s my progress on a few items I’d like to complete in the near future.


I’ve mentioned it before on some homesteading posts, but we haven’t started up a composting system at the new house. Finally the ground has thawed and we’re ready to figure it out. After searching around, I’m pretty sure we’ve decided to go a galvanized can route.


Kitchen garbage bowl . . .


Galvanized Composter via Creative Homemaking

I just need to pick up a galvanized trash can, use a quarter inch drill bit to drill holes in the bottom half, and get digging. I’m going to try to tackle this project over the weekend, provided we don’t get too much rain today. I love that it’s tamper-proof. We’ve had problems with some of Ada’s plastic yard toys getting totally chewed by animals.


Oh, man. My hair. Don’t look too closely -- it’s a mess. The last time I had a professional haircut was on Mother’s Day last year. I got all of it cut off and then started the long, grueling process of regrowth. I’ve also been dying my hair with henna and box dye and henna again, etc. It’s reddish, and I’ve kept it that way for years. Lately, I’ve been wanting it more of a dirty blonde/light brown color. Basically my natural color with a little oomph.


Self-cut style that I lightened using L’oreal hi-lift . . .


This style/color by Anh Co Tran, though I might want to go slightly lighter and longer. But I need some professional to touch my head at some point with scissors. The front of my hair looks OK right now, but the back is a choppy mess.


I think one of the most obvious ways I’ve been coping after the miscarriage is nesting. I mean, we had a lot of started projects . . . and I’ve been working to finish them like whoa. We put new vinyl flooring in the bathroom (we’re also painting, etc.), we spiffed up the living room, we added new window treatments, our budget kitchen update is almost complete, we’re planning to stain our deck, and the list goes on.

Right now I’m looking for a way to deal with the cords sprouting out of our TV above the fireplace.


Inspiration via Cameras and Chaos

These people snaked their cords through a clever channeling system disguised as architectural details. It looks easy enough. I love the structure it adds to the room. It cost them $120 with all the wood slats. They also got a great deal on their mounting hardware ($45!) and picked up some extra long HDMI cords.

What’s on your Pinterest to-do list?

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