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>> Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throughout my entire post-puberty life, I’ve battled with my skin. I had tons of acne in high school that continued through college and then into my twenties. After my pregnancy with Ada, somehow I’ve noticed fewer breakouts. When I do get some zits, they’re usually those huge ones on my jawline. Come to think of it, though, I haven’t had any of those in quite some time.

Regardless, I thought I’d write a quick ditty on my skincare routine because I received some serious compliments yesterday. The kind that made me blush and nervous giggle. Mind you, these comments weren’t from guys looking to flirt or anything like that. The first was the 30-something woman at the hospital lab desk and the second was the checkout lady in her fifties at Wegmans.

After seeing my license, they each said something like:

“You’re almost 32? I thought you were in your early twenties!”

Wow. I mean, just . . . wow.


OK. So, bragging over (but -- c’mon -- I’m struggled with my skin for SO LONG, it’s nice to hear something flattering!), I have made some changes in my skincare routine this year. I’m wondering if it has had any positive impact on my overall complexion. (FYI: My skin is generally combination with more oil on my forehead and nose.)

Here are the products I use on a daily basis. I usually wash my face with the cleanser before bed, followed by the toner and moisturizer.

The line consists of a number of other products, including this Avalon Face Serum I’m thinking of ordering to try out. I noticed a change in the softness and clarity of my skin almost immediately after using all the things in combination. What I like best about these cleaners and lotions besides the results is that they’re 100 percent vegetarian and 70 percent organic. No animal testing either!


After working out in the morning, I usually use St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Now, I’m kind of angry after doing a little research for this post. I’ve been using this scrub since I was a teenager. I’m talking half my life, and it wasn’t tested on animals back then. I haven’t thought to look at the package in ages, but I just uncovered that somewhere along the way, they started testing on animals! I guess after I use up my last bit I’ll try to find a new (sans-microbeads) exfoliator. Grr.

Anyone have a good recommendation?


Most days, I don’t wear foundation or anything besides moisturizer or sunscreen on my face. (And mascara. Always mascara.) If I’m going to go do something nice or just feel like putting on makeup, I use Too Faced Beauty Balm in vanilla glow.

They don’t test on animals according to this PETA database, so that’s always a bonus. But that’s pretty much it. I’d say I put on BB cream about three or four times a week.


As far as the sun goes, I try to seek shade as often as possible. I run before 10AM or after 6PM on most days. When we go to the beach, I’m under the umbrella 90 percent of the time. I wear hats otherwise. If I can’t avoid the sun, I usually just slap on some of Ada’s Babyganics Sunscreen SPF 50. It goes on pretty thick and white, but if I rub in in well, it’s not terribly noticeable.

I may check out Lavanila’s Healthy Sunscreen SPF 40. Like Babyganics, it’s mineral-based -- but has less white residue. The only problem is that it’s really expensive and I’ve read it doesn’t handle well with sweat.

I’d love recommendations for a good sport sunblock that is natural, handles loads of sweat, and is cruelty-free.


Otherwise, I just drink lots of water, try to eat loads of fruits + veggies, and get good sleep most nights. I don’t drink any caffeine, I exercise, and -- as I already mentioned -- I do try to stay out of the sun when I can avoid it. I also use the Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Mask (that’s why my face is blue in that first photo) every week or two just for fun. I like how it smells. That’s good enough reason, right?

What’s your skincare routine?

* Links to products above are Amazon Affiliates. Thanks for supporting (never)homemaker. And I genuinely hope you found this post helpful. These are all products I have purchased and tested myself and have used everyday . . . in some cases for over a decade. 

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