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>> Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s been going on in these parts:

#1: Our weekend was good! Between hot air balloons landing around us to having backyard bonfires to watching 20+ small aircraft take off/land during a delicious breakfast . . . well, I’d say our visit to Ada’s nanny and poppy’s house was loads of fun. We’re now on the hunt to check out more local airport cafes, and I think one of our friends shared that there’s one in Cape May that has a great breakfast for when we’re on vacation.

Too bad flying is like my biggest fear. I’ll just watch.

Exposure therapy, maybe?

#2: I’ve been wanting to get Ada a sandbox for a couple years now. I combed Craigslist and kept a close watch of yard sales, and I was unable to find one (which to me seems incredible -- there are so many other outdoor toys I’ve encountered in my search). Anyway, we just picked up this Step 2 Naturally Playful Sandbox. I’m not sure if I like where we put it, but our backyard gets a lot of sun, so I snugged it underneath the only large tree that covers the back corner in some shade.

So far, it’s the only toy in the yard that keeps her entertained for more than 20 minutes! Score.

#3: My day 3 blood work (FSH, LH, prolactin, etc.) came back completely, utterly normal. I can’t say I was entirely thrilled or -- conversely -- unhappy. I was more frustrated that nothing showed up. I was sure I’d have some elevated LH levels from how my OPKs always look, but I guess the ratio was fine. Tomorrow I will get the draw for the "day 21" test (progesterone), then I’ll have a chat with my doctor to find out the next steps.

Has anyone ever had a diagnosis of infertility but had the blood work not turn up anything? I know it’s definitely possible (male factor, etc.).

#4: I got a new bathing suit. I don’t think I’ve ever written much about this whole issue. I hate bathing suits and usually wear short shorts and an athletic tank to the beach -- even in my more fit days. I did get a yellow polka dot bikini a couple years ago from Albion that I enjoyed, but it doesn’t fit anymore. We were visiting my in-laws this weekend so I had the chance to stop into Marshall’s. I found this DKNY color block one-piece suit, tried it on, and fell in love. Only $35!

I may be a size bigger at the beach this year, but at least I’ll like slipping into this suit.

#5: On all our adventures over the weekend, Stephen and I somehow found ourselves in Emmaus, PA. I’ve had this weird desire to visit the town just south of Allentown for a few years since it’s where Runner’s World (and Rodale) is based. We hit up a local brewery (Funk Brewing), walked around town, and got a couple things at the local running shop before moving along our way. We don’t do enough random road trips, so I think I’d like to get into the habit more often.

It’s much more fun now that we’re in our van.

Hope you guys are all doing great. I’m getting caught up on some work this weekend, but I have big plans to do a whole week of weeknight grilling posts to share some of the foods we’ve been eating lately. It’s so easy to chop veggies and prepare foods for the grill. Healthy too. What’s your favorite quick + easy grilled dinner? So far, mine is the Grilled Veggie Quesadillas, but I have a few plans to top even that!

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