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>> Monday, July 6, 2015

We had a good weekend, but it was pretty gloomy. Definitely not the typical sort of 4th of July fest we’ve had in the last few years. Still, we managed to get together with friends, hit up a local festival, enjoy an open-air orchestra concert (and make the local news!), eat some great food, and get some stuff done around the house.

#1: I made my famous 5-Minute Picnic Pie, but this time I added some cacao powder (couple tablespoons) for extra flavor. Then I drizzled the top with chocolate and peanut butter and froze the whole thing. I highly recommend making this dessert if you need something tasty in a flash!

#2: Ada’s feeling better, but we have a long way to go with the meds. (Related: Have any of you tried the children’s probiotic Acidophikidz?) Thanks for all your well wishes, suggestions, and experiences with Lyme Disease. Like I said, we are still so frustrated that we never saw a tick even when we were checking. But now we are on high alert and can hopefully prevent this from happening again.

#3: We’re working on protecting the garden (and us!) from deer. So, Stephen is putting netting around the raised bed and we’re getting some quotes on taller fences to keep critters out.

#4: We hadn’t made homemade guacamole in a long, long time. So, when we saw that Aldi’s avocados were wicked cheap this week, we stocked up. My trick for the best texture is using a knife to blend. And that tip for putting pit in the mix? Doesn’t work! But I did a little research and found this method -- it’s all about not letting any air get to your dip.

#5: We’re headed to the beach in a couple weeks. I wanted to share some of the stuff I picked up for our adventure. Gotta love Amazon Prime!
  • I hate being in the sun, so I finally found a beach umbrella by ezShade I think will work great. It has its own sun shield you can move as the sun moves.
  • No, I really hate being in the sun. So, I got a few SPF shirts. One for Stephen from Vapor Apparel in light grey. Another for me, again from Vapor Apparel, in pretty pink. And I got Ada another rash guard by Kanu Surf in coral. I think they’re so worth the investment.
  • Our collection of beach toys + games has dwindled. So, I got Ada a really awesome shovel called Quut Scoppi that doubles as a water funnel and has one of those shaker baskets. I picked up a deck of plastic playing cards for the adults and one of those velcro toss games for the kids.
#6: Sylvia Plath’s Drawings are Even More Devastatingly Beautiful Than You’d Expect via Bust

#7: Why I Cried When My Son Turned Six via

#8: Why People With Sleep Paralysis Have Supernatural Visions via Fusion (I’ve had sleep paralysis episodes many times without seeing anything -- but still interesting!)

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